Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Craft of Dying

While sitting out on the deck with two of my daughters our conversations rambled.  We discussed very earth shattering things like; weather, taxes, government, price of gas, price of groceries, world peace, our bathroom habits, the yard, World Soccer games, oil spills, the importance of brushing ones teeth daily, and many other life threatening topics.

OK, so they weren't life threatening topics.... and some of the things listed really weren't discussed.

We were sitting on the deck and talking.

As we were talking I made a small, inconsequential statement.

Me: "I have come full circle – my marriage started in Ammon and will end here".

Youngest Daughter: "No it won’t."

Me:  "I have two more moves left in me."

Oldest Daughter: "Whatever.  You aren't going to move again."

Me: "Yes I will.  I have one move  to the nursing home and one to Woods funeral home."

Youngest Daughter:  "Let’s not talk about this anymore."

Oldest Daughter: "You don’t want to talk about it because you don’t want to think of packing up all of mom’s crap again."


Youngest Daughter: "Your coffin is going to be so full with your treasures."

Oldest Daughter: "I’m putting buttons over her eyes."

Oldest Daughter: "We can tat some lace and sew it around her lips."

Oldest Daughter: "And we can take Distress Ink and distress her fingernails."

Youngest Daughter: "And singe her hair.  It will give her the popular burned look, like aged paper".

Oldest Daughter: "And I’ll decoupage some pictures of her grand kids to her chest.".

Oh yeah.  My girls think they are really funny... they just couldn't say enough wonderful things about my funeral lying in state must have been on their minds for some time.  They were way too prepared to share what they see in the future.

Oldest Daughter: "Throw in a doily, some more lace and buttons, ribbon here, homemade paper there, a few scraps of fabric, a quilt and some books… must include Gurnsey so she has something to read if she’s got a long line on resurrection day."


Oldest Daughter: "Sick? Perhaps. But oh how we know and love our mom."

Does anyone want to adopt two daughters?
Just contact me...ASAP.

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