Monday, July 26, 2010

Monday, Monday.....

I have loved having my kids here with me.  Loved is the word! 

We have gone to the Blue Angels Air Show, and felt the vibration of the thrusting engines... wow.... 400 miles an hour over our heads.  One trick they did was to fly with the wing of one plane over the nose of the next plane, and there was 18 inches between them!!!!  Imagine!!!  At 400 miles an hour!

We have played Mad Gab and laughed so hard at each other.  We found out we all have accents!

We have played Mind Trap.  I found out the my grand kids do have a strong ability of reasoning. They could figure those things out so quick.

We enjoy the cool evening out on the deck.  We play, eat, laugh and talk, and occassionally find time for a game of Mind Trap.

We have eaten several cartons of ice cream.... Cake Batter by Tillamook is their favorite.

Nikki has cooked two of the most delicious Chicken dinners ever!  I don't think she should leave her mother on her own, and she should make arrangements to move to Idaho as soon as possible.  If for no other reason just to see to it that her mom is eating nutritious meals.  Regularly.  Daily.  Three times a day.

The dogs have enjoyed romping through the garbage cans through out the house as they have learned the rules of their new surroundings.... *that has not been much fun for the humans*.

The construction continues around our home.  Yes, I am nearly crazy as I listen to the beeping of machines backing up, smelling the exhaust of the machines, watching stupid men crash their trucks, and the most import  thing is my continued dusting every single darn day!!! Dust everywhere!!!  Daily....!!!   ECK!!!

And going to bed after 11:30 pm is a regular schedule.  I think I am going to die soon from lack of sleep. As the construction starts very early.....

Then, the fact that I am really camping out in a big "camper" is wearing on me....  Not enough towels for everyone.... no washer and dressers for clothes....not enough beds.....

It is summer and gets kinda warm during the days, and I don't have window blinds on every window the neighbors get to see a garage sale purchase of a pink bedspread hanging in my front window.  (I feel like I live in "a house of ill repute with the pink shade glowing through the room)

But then, I find myself relishing in the evenings as I watch the moon come up over the lush green foothills.

The nights cool down and the air is clean, and I open my windows.

The grass is cool to walk on, and the shade is really shade, and it is cooler than the sun beating on our heads.

The water comes out of my faucet cold and yummy.  Yep, I get a drink right out of the faucet.  Cutting the purchase of bottled water out of my budget!

I live less than a mile away from my parents.  It is a joy to "drop in" and visit them. They are wonderful!

Then there are my neighbors... I can't express how wonderful they are.  They bring me hot loaves of bread, and nutty bars, and such wonderful treats, and share everything they own...couches....My neighbors have been wonderful to give me the codes to their garage doors and let me do my laundry whenever I need to.  They share everything they have.  They have looked after me every minute of everyday and made sure I was okay and didn't need anything. They are the best!!!

So I am adjusting to my new surroundings.....and I love sharing it with my kids and family.

Getting to  know my granddaughter has been so fun.
She is the most beautiful and special granddaughter I have.
She loves to eat, play volleyball, bug her brother, jewlery, paint her nails, sleep, put on makeup, and hug me!

I love Idaho.  I am home, almost.

There is no home for me until my beloved husband joins me.
For that...... I wait...........................

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