Tuesday, July 6, 2010

All the Difference.....

When babies get sick, there are many many many cords.....
Cords to track heart beats...
To track respirations.........
Cords to oxygen levels........

Tubes for IV's...........
Tubes for antibiotics...........

And there are many pokes with sharp instruments.........
Pokes for IV's................
Pokes in heels to draw blood.............

And his little heels were so full of holes, that the nurses would place a warm compress on his heels, and then squeeze his heel.  The blood would flow on it's own.  The poor little guy.

To hold him, and hug him wasn't enough.
He was so dehydrated.
His blood sugars were dangerously low.
The doctors tried to poke and poke him.

When the Perimedics arrived the first time they assured us the baby looked fine.  They said very calming things, but didn't do anything.  They were wrong.

We could see the baby becoming lathargic again, within minutes after the Perimedics left.
So Mom and Dad put the baby in the car and headed to the hospital.
The baby started to crash again.... bad!
They came to the street where they were and transported the baby and mom to the nearest hospital.

When they arrived at the Scripps hospital no one could get an IV into the baby.
Not in his hands.
Not in his feet.
Not in his head....
So they shaved a little part of his hair off on the side of his head to get an IV in.
It didn't work.
They tried 3 more times.... and nothing would work.

The Doctors feared some kind of infection.
They gave him an antibiotic.

And then they called for the helicpoter.

The medics on the helicopter knew they were 9 minutes away from the Redy Childrens Hospital,
but they were not comfortable taking the baby and mom, that far without an IV in.
They tried, and tried and tried.

Usually moms don't go in the helicopter with the babies.
But mommy was so calm they said she could go.
She had some medical training, and grew up around it, so she trusted the doctors and stayed calm.

The rest of us drove to downtown San Diego to the Redy Children's Hospital.
We beat the helicopter.

Still, the doctors and nurses couldn't get an IV in those small dehydrated veins.
So, nurses from the NIC U were summoned.

They tried.
They shaved off his bangs...and tried twice....

They tried his feet.
They finally got one in his left hand.

It had been 17 hours his last feeding, which wasn't much,
he wasn't getting enough to hydrate him.

His sugars were affected by the low fluids in his body.
Infection was a real fear.

Once the IV was in, they dripped the fluids very quickly.
They drew blood and found he was so dehydrated the blood clotted before it was in the tube and available to run the needed tests.

Even heel sticks clotted.

The first 24 hours the baby hardly moved.
He didn't squirm...he didn't want to eat.....
He scared us!!

Two differnt antibotics were used, just to cover all the bases...
But the Dr's and nurses were just treating,
they didn't know what was wrong...

The baby was 96 hours old.

Family gathered.
Family prayed.
Family fasted.
Family cried, laughed, and cried again.

Our baby was growing bacteria in the urine.
So an Ultra Sound was ordered.
That seems ok.

But this little one has to go back to the hospital in one week for an out patient
procedure to run a test from the bladder, to the kidney...
I won't tell the details, as every man would faint!
It won't be pretty.
My poor little baby... he has been through so much!

Both of my babies have been through so much.

The power of prayer and fasting has made all the difference.

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  1. Tawnya, what great pictures of a beautiful baby. I'm teaching the Young Women's lesson tomorrow and it's on Fasting. I have thought of you and know you could add so much to it. I'm glad you are there with the family and pray for you and peanut each day. I miss you...


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