Friday, February 17, 2012

Swans In Water vs. Dirt

I have shared with you swans in dirt.  They were sitting in a recently harvested potato field.
I have nothing more to say about them. 
They were wierd.

I have met new swans, who unlike the dirt swans, were where they are supposed to be.

In water.

These awesome, graceful, fluid creatures may be ugly ducklings when they are born, but it doesn't last. 
It reminds me of children during the years of 9 and 13.  They are ugly ducklings then.
Their permanent teeth have come in, and they are too big for the small childish face.
They don't know how to do their own hair, and rely on their unskilled mothers.
They wear glasses and have buggers in their noses.

You will see children that age when they get off the school bus.  They stumble.  Especially the boys, every time! They will have their jackets or coats on their heads by the hood.  No arms covered, no zippers done up, just hoods hanging off heads.

There is always a group of these kids, and also, the one who just doesn't fit in.  That lonely one is the one who has their backpack over their properly attired coat or jacket.  They have a full backpack.  Full of homework.  They walk normal.  They don't stumble.  They don't goof off.  They walk on the sidewalk, not on the grass of the homes they are passing.  They have a huge vocabulary.

Then comes the kids with the musical instruments. 
They don't fit into either group.
They carry great big suitcases which hold the musical instrument, which they subject their family to.

Then there comes the cheerleaders, the gymnastic stars, the pep club.
They are in flight to get home, because they have to hurry and grap a fruit roll up and get to practice.

Those who excel in sports and have a life outside of a video game or television are not walking, they are running.  They are building stamina, and muscels, and don't care who is watching them.

Then, about age 16 or 17 a complete change overtakes these kids.  Suddenly, their permanent teeth are no longer too big for their bodies. The glasses are replaced with contacts.  They have clean faces and clearing complexions. They all become graceful, and smart, and care about their appearance.  Because, a "special someone" might be looking at them.  Or a college, or a teacher, or a neighbor, or a complete stranger, but they know, someone is watching them.  And they want to be their best.

They are ready to take flight into adulthood.  They are ready for the world.  They are prepared in the only a way they think is needed.  They are invincible.

We hardly notice the little changes being made, it happens gradually.  They seem to come out of no where, as these almost adults.  One thing they all have in common is, they are taking flight into a new world.  A world of independance.

They are no longer the ugly ducklings.  They no longer believe unconditionally what adults tell them.  They want to find out for themselves.  Is the world flat or is it round.  And they do it together.  They have mastered the skills of multi tasking.  They talk, chew gum, drive, sing, memorize the music on the radio and text, all at the same time.  Yes, I said drive and text at the same time.  They all do it.  Even if they tell you they don't, they aren't being truthful with you or themselves.  And they still don't wear their coats.  The ones who used to, have learned they don't have to.  They all do that, too.  And the ones who had huge vocabularies have taught the other ones a few cool new words.

They are off!  They are growing.  They are no longer the ugly duckling.

Good luck little/big swans. 

Whether you came from dirt or water, you have the ability to soar with the eagles. 

And soar you will!

Love, Me

ps.  Isn't Mackay, Idaho a special place to see wildlife!!!!

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