Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bambi Is All Grow'd Up

  I saw Bambi! He is all grown up now!

  I also saw a whole bunch of his relatives.

I think someone who works at Disney just made up that story about Bambi's dad getting killed.
I think the Mom didn't get killed either.
I think there haven't been many Disney characters that really do get killed.
Especially if they are Elk.

Because I saw Bambi and all his relatives having a family reunion today.

It is true.

I will prove it to you.

Oh, and by the way, Bambi said to tell you all HI!

He looked great.  He is living just South of Sugar City, Idaho.  He has lots to eat and plenty of family to hang out with. 

Bambi is a Dad now, too.  He is really quite proud of himself.

He has a couple of really cool and handsome sons, and he is very proud of them. They are growing into fine stags.  I think they are most handsome, and he should be proud of them.  I could hear the girls, who were across the fence, giggling at them.

His relatives had rented this farm to have their reunion at.  It came with dinners catered and a playground for the little ones.  It wasn't very expensive and I think they plan on doing most of their reunions there from now on.  The food looked bland to me, but they all seemed to enjoy it.

The food is good, and they have a great view of surrounding mountains, and they are safe from wolves and bears and cars and  stuff like that.  The farm has a fence for them.  It doesn't look all that strong to me, but Bambi said it was good enough to keep them safe.

Bambi introduced me to quite a few of his relatives.  They are a great herd.  There are lots of strong tall guys in his family.  They seem to have more boys than girls.  Some families are just like that.

Since it was a special night for their reunion, I didn't want to take time away from them and all the family being together........and the fact that it was getting late and the sun would be setting soon, we kept our visit short. 

Bambi wants you all to know that he is happy.  He is healthy and loves his family very much.

He also said to tell "those yahoos at Disney to get their facts straight before they sell their next story".  I don't think he cared much for the story they wrote about his life.  Except, he did seem pleased when I asked him about the part of him finding a wife.  I think he liked that part very much! 

I just  thought you would like to know.

Love, Me

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