Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Cellar Full Of Spuds

A few weeks ago I told you about the spuds we grow in Idaho.

A week or so ago, we went on a ride out to Roberts (a rural town about 20 miles from here).  We went with our friends Kenny and Paula.  Their son lives in Roberts and works a farm.  A farm where they grow spuds.

We went on our ride to see the spuds.  And some swans.  I already told you about the swans.  But now I want to show you the spuds.

We walked into the "Tunnel of Spud Love".  It was dark!  It was humid!  It smelled like "earth".  I loved it!  I love that smell, and that cold humid atmosphere!  It feels like home to me.

At the end of the tunnel we had to break into the cellar part of the "potato cellar".  The lock was getting a little rusty from the humidity.  But, the men who lead the way were strong, and hit the lock with the firocity of their youth, and had the lock open in an instant.

Then we climbed a vertical staircase.  Very vertical.  It too, was dark, wet and smelled like earth.

Then we arrived to a sight I couldn't believe. 

The "spuds"! 

Oh, my!

The cellar is about 35 to 40 FEET deep of spuds. 

You are looking at thousands of dollars of spuds.

The cellar is about 50 yards long.

I am going to guess at how wide it is....maybe..... 35 feet.

I was in "Spud Heaven".  Literally!

It felt like I had climbed to heaven when I had to go back down the stairs.  Yikes.  Wet, dark...
Back out the dark tunnel.
Into another area where we could look at the pile of potatoes from the ground.

We filled a plastic grocery bag with some of these beauties. 

We have been eating these beauties.
Oh, fresh spud-tatoes. 

There are few things in life that taste so good.

Love, Me


  1. Ever since I was a little a girl, a spud cellar has been my favorite smell ever!! I used to go out to my uncles and smell! Then my dad built one in our back yard, do you remember that? I loved that thing. Best smell ever!!


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