Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day.

I called my mom. I love my mom. I miss my mom. My mom is sick. Wish I was there to take care of her. I would make her homemade noodles and add a chicken to it, and some spices, and some homemade rolls. I would spoil her. I love her. Happy Mother's Day Mom.

I slept 12 hours last night. When I woke up the "littlest angel" had gone to work. The "older angel" was shredding bank statements and stuff that he does all the time. He is a good shredder.

I laid around. Then the "littlest angel" dropped in for a bowl of cereal and left again. She smelled like coffee.... that tells me she had to open today. And she got more boxes.

The "oldest angel" helped me scan some photos. My medicine brain isn't working properly yet. I am foggy and get hung up on the smallest details. While I scanned, he went to the kitchen. Before long it was smelling really good. I smelled bacon. But I didn't get to eat any. It is for later today.... hummm what is that guy up to?

Then the smelly angel came home. She brought me a Mother's Day Double-Wall Insulated for a cold drink and dry hands cup, from that place she works.... This is BIG! This is a collectors item. I am very loved by this smelly angel. And the cup was full! Yumm.. Fattening, but Yumm.
Then the smelly angel made a joke.
Let me set the stage for the joke.
I buy saran wrap at Costco. There are really large rolls there. Like 1,000 yards of saran wrap in one semi-large box. The box lasts for years. It is cheap in the long run, but it is a semi-large container to handle.
Well, I finally am allowed to shower today. I must keep the surgical site dry! So, it was suggested I put my leg in a big plastic bag with elastics on the top to keep the surgical site dry.
I figured, No Way. I want to wash my foot, my ankle, the "YES" and the red iodine off my leg. So V suggested to wrapped my leg in saran wrap.
The smelly angel got the box of saran wrap, the one from Costco, which has 1,000 yards on it, out of the pantry. I pulled out a piece about 6 feet, well, maybe 7 feet long. She gets a hold of the end that is connected to the box and tears the saran wrap off.
Then she looks at me and says " Now lay down and start rolling".
I guess you had to be there.
We wrapped my knee. Secured the top and bottom of the saran wrap with elastics and I showered.
Could you hear me showering? I was the one saying OHHH, AAHHHH, UUUMMMM. There is something really special about washing your 4 day old bed head hair and feeling the excitement of a clean scalp. The other parts were glad, too.
By the time I was dressed, makeup on, and hair done. this neat guy I live with called me to dinner.
Appetizers:.Shrimp and cocktail sauce. Stuffed Jalapeno Peppers with bacon.
Main course:
Baked Tilapia with butter, garlic and basil
Corn on the cob
Twice baked potatoes
And he did all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen as he cooked!
I don't know what is for dessert, I hope it is him! I love that man!!!!
Yeah, I know. I will need Tylenol tonight.... it is worth it!!

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  1. I laughed, outloud, hard. I can TOTALLY hear Tyia say that!!!! I miss you guys... bad!


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