Sunday, May 9, 2010

May 8, 2010

Nikki, Happy Birthday yesterday.
You were with me a few years ago in the hospital.
I don't think we had much fun then either.
Let's not celebrate like this, together, again, ok?

Tylenol is working today. Saving the big meds for sleeping.

Ate real food today.

I watched the weather channel. I could keep up with that program. And if I missed anything it was ok, they repeated the same story until I got it all.

Two people were here and cleaned my house really good. And the yard work was done. They are angels. I think I recognize them. One has long hair, and one has gray hair. I love those angels.

I sat on the recliner today and let complete strangers tromp through my house. Two different times. Having the house on the market again is painful. Worse than my knee. I see an improvement everyday with my knee. The housing market doesn't show much improvement.

I stayed on the recliner and watched a couple of movies with the two angels who live with me. I crocheted 2 dish clothes while watching TV. Tylenol allows me to do things like that. I can't do things like that when I take the other stuff.

Slept pretty good last night.... NOT! Couldn't stay asleep and couldn't get comfortable. Nights sure last a long time when you hurt. Daytime seems better somehow.

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