Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May 18, 2010 Today I played Beauty Shop

This is my littlest Angel.
She will have a milestone birthday this year.
She is my right hand and my left.

And today we played Beauty Shop.

L'oreal Cherry Cordial comes in a box.
It is a good thing we had two boxes, and could have used a third.

It also comes with a little high lighting.
That turned out to be perfect.

I have professional training, so I know kind'a what to do.
And she was willing to try it today.

Then I did a layered hair cut for her.... and
Wha La!!!

My littlest angel is a gorgeous red head
She is a model!
She is beautiful.
She is beautiful inside and out.
She is my right hand.
She is my left hand.

And She is my littlest angel, who I love very much!!!


  1. She is STUNNING!!! In the *gasp* kinda way! She is my favorite person in this whole wide world. I love her!!!!!

  2. I keep coming back to look at the pictures again and again. Tyia is so beautiful. She was always beautiful but now you can tell that SHE KNOWS it too. There is a new light in her eyes. Go get 'em sister!!! I love you so much!

  3. She has an inner beauty that she is afraid to let show. This change gave her the confidence to let it out, and it cme out immediately. She is so cute, and won't quit smiling! She loves it. Thanks for your good comments.

  4. She is BEAUTIFUL!! And I love the color you did for her hair. (although she was beautiful before too!!)
    Hope she has/had a very wonderful day!
    Love you cuz!

  5. I love it so much! She's a head turner FOR SURE! You have a beautiful family and I love you all!

  6. Who knew she would look this amazing as a red head? She's always been a beautiful blonde but the new look is GREAT!


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