Thursday, February 4, 2010

The night it rained

The only people I know who likes rain as much as me, are my kids. When a storm comes to Arizona we call each other.... what is it doing in Surprise? Can you hear thunder? Are you outside?
Even when I worked at Arrowhead Lakes Dentistry I would go outside and "frolic" in the rain. Dr. Shelley thought I was crazy. He was so good to just stop working for a few minutes just to let me go out back and go out side, or smell the air, or just listen to it pound on the roof. He has a down spout from the roof in his office, and it is really noisey when it rains. The down spout dumps all the rain behind the office.
This storm was the best we have had in Arizona for years. I loved it. Yes, I went outside. Yes, I got my hair wet. Yes, our pool got really full! Yes, by morning it had all soaked into the ground, and yes, it was still cloudy, and yes, it rained some more the next day, but not as hard or as much.
And yes, our grass, a week later is really Varce had fertilized the grass the day before it rained.... good timing!

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