Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Recipe book of Don't Eat Pete

Once upon a time there was a children's book called "Don't Eat Pete". The sales were poor, so these books showed up in $.99 Stores. Of course I can not buy just one of anything, so I bought 1 case of "Don't Eat Pete" books.

This is an altered "Don't Eat Pete". The pages on the left are hard book board, and there are about 5 pages. One the right is a tin, like an altoid tin. It is attached. So. , . . .

The process is long to get the books ready. Sanding, gesso, painting, etc. Then the fun begins.

Here is my "Recipe Book". The tin on the right holds recipe cards. The pages are all related to food and cooking. I want to add little glassine envelopes to the pages and put recipes in the envelopes, but I can't find any... I might have to resort to making my own out of vellum, which would be fine.

But, all in all, I am happy with how it turned out....

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  1. I have a site that might help you out on your envelope problem...
    this is the wrong size bag... but check out their site, they have everything!!


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