Sunday, February 21, 2010

A "HaitibyHand" by Rebecca Sower

I have a friend. She lives somewhere I have never been. Somewhere in Cyberspace. But she is my dear friend. She has helped unlock my creativity block more than once. She posts quick and precise things on her blog. She always adds wonderful photos of her art work, or her farm, or a flower, or of things she finds delightful, and in the process, she delights me.

She has a strong faith, in her family a unbending love, in her commitment to do good for others is action and not words.

My friend Rebecca Sower has been published many times in many different magazines. She has a line of Scrapbook supplies, and her talents have no bounds. She is one of the most incredible people I have never met. is where I go to stay in touch with her. To be uplifted by her. To "wet" my appetite to create. Her work is beautiful! Most is hand made, and lot of hand stitching...... her work speaks to me.

Recently she took a trip to Haiti, and a week after her returning home, the earthquake hit Haiti. She has posted photos of some of the people she met, some of the sights she saw, and with only a few words, and a few photos, we all fell in love with her all over again. She is the type of person who puts her money where her mouth is. She lives her faith to love and do for others. She teaches by example to her children and to all of us. She has energy to do so many loving and sweet things for people. The women in Haiti are her friends, and she cares deeply for them.

After the earthquake, she again, reached out to serve others. She started a web based charity to help the people she had met. She learned from the Master, our Savior, Jesus Christ. She is teaching and helping the women in Haiti to "fish". Other organizations are just giving those who need help "fish". When the time passes, and the water has been delivered, and the blankets, and the celebrities have donated, and when people move onto another "cause", what about the ladies in Haiti. Through Rebecca and her many friends, she is gathering another form of "stability" for the people in Haiti. She is collecting embroidery floss, thread, felt, beads, buttons, fabric....... to send to those ladies. Because Rebecca is helping the ladies in Haiti to "fish".

As women, who love to take part in all types of art, whether it is sewing, photography, crocheting, scrapbooking, whatever.... we need to create. We need our supplies, our thread or paper or glue, and when we have time, or an inspiration, we just "do it". It heals us. That creative juice flows through our minds, blood, heart, and through our hands. Our hands. We just get to "do it". We fish. With glue, paper, fabric, we fish.

Go check out Rebecca's page. Read her words. Get to know her. And try to be just a little bit like her. I am throwing out the challenge to all my friends, the ones I know personally. Put your money, and your talent out there. I am doing it.

First, I went to the link on Rebecca's page and shopped at and I bought....


She is beautiful!! I love love love love her!

I got an email from Rebecca after I bought this. I got an email from the artist Vicki Moletterire. I had sent them a brief email of my support for the cause, for my appreciation of their talents, and my feelings of obtaining this Vintage Angel.

So, for the last several days, hours and hours of work (while watching the Olympics) I have made something to donate to the "Haitibyhand" web site.
I have a few touch ups to do before I list this on to be sold for "haitibyhand". However, no matter who will get this book, I know that my hands have enjoyed every stitch, every button, every quote, every moment making and creating this book. I started it with the desire to help raise money for the women in Haiti, who, like me..... Just like to "fish".

Thank you Rebecca Sower, and all those who help me do what I do. Who understand what I do. Who do it too. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You. You are my sisters in a common goal. My Friends who know what it means. My companions in helping others.

So, to any of you who want to help raise the money that will go directly to the women, please go shopping. No one is taking out any reimbursement, charging for shipping, or any other monitory gain. This effort benefits 100% the women in Haiti. Please join me in helping. You won't believe the spirit you will feel as you do it. Whether you make, create, or buy.... you will be glad you did.

Let's all "pay it forward".

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