Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Visiting Mom and Dad in St. George

It was a weekend with nothing planned, and the next 6 weekends are booked already. So we decided to make a quick trip to St. George and see my folks. Varce's brother, Errol and his wife Myrna live there as well, so we took advantage of our time and headed north. And no rain in the forcast was going to interfere with our plans.

Things to do:
#1 Garage Sales
#2 Go to Thai Pan
#3 Eat
#4 Visit Errol and Myrna
And not necessarily in that order.

Here are a few things I got at the garage sales:

A hand crocheted lace collar. I was going to use it for my books, but I can't bring my self to cut it up into smaller pieces....

Found this really nice table, and had to take the legs off it to get it into the truck. Mom and all her friends wanted it, but it is pretty big, and no else had room for it. So I was glad to get it home and put it in my living room. It was a great buy!

This green bowl weighs a lot! It is old! And it was covered with dirt, and had been rained on, but I could see the beauty underneath. It is simply lovely. I don't know where I am going to put it, but sure do like it!

My loving dad.

Mom and Dad were so fun to be with.

It rained hard while we were in Utah, but it didn't dampen our fun.

Salads at Artic Circle, driving around and seeing the red rocks........memories!

My beautiful mother!

My parents are such good examples to me in so many ways. They teach by example. They have taught me to "be thrifty" and I am. I find joy in second hand items, whether it is clothes from my friends or yard sales, or used furniture that just needs a new home, or books from the DI or a Thrift Store. I find as much joy in "the hunt" as I do in "the find".
I could go and buy what I want or need at a regular store, but I find going to yard sales and finding things I didn't know I wanted or needed is so much more fun!

Sunday we headed for home. We left St. George under cloudy skies and light rain.
Just south of Kingman we got into some heavier rain, and saw this rainbow.
It started out as a little color right down on the ground, and it grew and grew, and a second rainbow joined it. A point and shoot camera doesn't do it justice, but I think you get the idea.

The following are a few of the things I didn't buy at garage sales: for which my sweet husband it grateful!

Horns with the skull attached, old trunk....

a bucket full of dirty rusty flatware

and a dog kennel that was full of chickens.....
Who sells chickens in dog kennels?????? at yard sells??? in the rain??


  1. i LOVE your new table!!!!! can't wait to see it this weekend ;)

  2. i LOVE your new table!!! Can't wait to see it this weekend! ;)

  3. Ummm I would have liked the chickens! LOL :D


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