Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Creativity strikes again

I love the feel of "a needle pulling thread".
I love "brown paper packages tied up in string"
I love just the "doing" and "creating" and let it fall where it may.
I have a new love of fabric. I love the textures, the colors, the touch.
Fabric can fray, or stretch or be firm, or surprise me.
It can be layered, or trimmed, or hemmed, or be unfinished, or finished.

Fabric can be "bound" much easier than paper.
It doesn't need crisp folds or precise measuring.
No sticky glue, just lots of threads....
Putting fabric through a printer is easy, as well.
Photos, sayings, quotes, ..... it is endless.
Ribbons, buttons, lace, canvas, twill, floss, anything works....

Silk flowers, brads, beads, yarn,....

And treasured photos.. . . . This is me, age 23, Nikki, about 1 1/2 years old,

And my grandma Walters, and my great grandma Johnson.

Embroidery floss has a gazillion uses...

it is almost as good as duct tape...

Old tea towels (yes, I got it from a Thrift Store) are a great fabric

source for a foundation to "play on".

So, I pile and pile and the many pages I have made, and then one day I will sew them all together. And then what will I do??? Make more.... sell them on Etsy....?

Hummm, that's a thought.


  1. Creative is an understatement. You are so talented! Oh how I envy Ty (in a good way) that she gets to spend so much time with you in the loft... the projects you make are so beautiful!

  2. You are fabulous with fabric!! I told my friend you scrapbook on fabric and she was astounded! I love your work!


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