Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shabby Chic Cards

I truly love the look of Shabby Chic.
I want to redo my house.
It would mean a few trips to the junk yard, flea markets, thrift stores, sand paper, paint, wax....
Sounds like something DH wouldn't want to be a full time member in.

So, I find myself loving the look in cards.

I don't spend much time creating things like books and cards much these days.
I have a garden instead.

But, I "lifted" some ideas on the Internet.

Let me share with you:

So you see what I mean?

I think kids would love cutting up books and magazines and gathering pictures and making some of these. 

If I could have all my wishes,I would do it with my grand kids, who are teenagers, while we watched conference this year,..... if I could have all my wishes.

Maybe you can think of some wonderful things to do this weekend, to get ready for the holidays.....

I apologize fiercely to the original person who did all this work.  I would give all the credit to you, but I can't remember where I got these card ideas from.  I am so sorry.
Love, Me

PS.  I think the best thing about this style, is, there is no such thing as a mistake.  I love them all.

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