Wednesday, October 19, 2011

#1: Things I Am Grateful For, My Grandson

I have angel visiting me.  I haven't touched his wings, but I know he has them.  I haven't seen his wings, but I know he has them.  Because I have seen in his eyes.  I have looked into his soul.  I can see that he is an angel when I look at his eyes, his face, his fingers, his toes, his belly button, his teeth, and I learn over and over what a miracle an angel is.

I could sit and watch him for hours......
What do I mean? 
I DO sit and watch him for hours!

His giggle is contagious.
He is walking/running a mile a minute.
He even tiptoes and walks.

He smiles 23/7. 
He doesn't smile if he is hungry or tired.
But that doesn't last long.

 If I shove a little peanut butter and crackers at him, he "quickly turns it upside down and smiles that frown away"!

He loves to eat. 
The only thing I found that he doesn't really like is asparagus.
But he will eat squash, corn, green beans, peas, mashed potatoes, chicken, and Dog Food.

Yep, he eats everything.

He loves to play outside.

He will stand at the door and say "A Dah".

He says, "A Dah" for everything.

Except when he says, "A Ball".
And that is 15 times a second.

If he sees something round, "A Ball".
If it is round it is named.

The past 15 months have gone by so fast!  They have had wings, even if this little man doesn't.
Where does the time go?
He was just a little over 9 lbs. yesterday, or the day before.
And now he is 20 lbs.  20 lbs of angel, pure angel!

This little man doesn't care if the wind is blowing, and his hair is flying.....
He isn't like me when it comes to the wind........
He just looks straight into the wind and yells, "A Dah"!

He will grow up to be a Master Gardener!
He proves it to me when I have him help me in my garden.

Recently he helped me harvest some fresh dill.
He held on tight to the dill head and took such good care of it.
I never put it down.
He didn't let the dogs take it from him.
He protected it all afternoon.

Later that day we seeded the head of dill and saved it in a spice bottle.
It was used to make stewed tomatoes for his mama to take home.
Someday his mama will open up the jar of stewed tomatoes and tell him about his dill.

But for now, I am not thinking about the time when he is home with his mama.
I am enjoying every minute with this precious little man.

He runs to me with his arms open wide and laughing so hard.
And that is just enough to make me cry.

Why is it when you love so deeply you cry more easily?
It is a spiritual thing.
It is a Godly thing.

And for that I am so grateful.

Love, Nana

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