Monday, October 17, 2011

#2 : Things I Am Grateful For, My Son

My 3rd girl was a surprise.  I was sure she was a he.
But I love her, don't get me wrong.
But she was supposed to be a younger brother to my son.

After she was born, her father and I called our other children at home to tell them they had a sister.
My son hung up the phone.
He was not happy to have a third sister.

Since then I have realized he was traumatized in some way.
Not really, but if he was, he had good reason.
What boy needs 3 sisters?

He has overcome the handicap he was given in our home.
He is a wonderful man, who I love with all my heart.
As I have watched my son grow up, he is amazing to me.
He has a heart of gold.
He shows his love in quiet ways, EXCEPT when it comes to his nephew.

When my son is with his nephew, there is no holding back the emotion of love that he has.

My son turns into a clown, a mime, a bear, a Tarzan, a strong man........
And my grandson loves his Uncle, no matter what he is.

Especially when he is strong and throws him to his mama.

My son, my only son, melts my heart!
He is so loving and fun with children.
He has always played with little children who are in our home, or his home.
He just doesn't care if he is down on the floor, or in the dirt, or out in public.
He lets the fun begin and children love him.

In just a few years this little nephew will be joining his uncle and going camping.
He will learn to hike.
He will learn to build fires.
He will eat whatever he packs in his teeny tiny backpack.
He will learn to carry his own weight and not be a cry baby.

However, for now, Uncle Oliver is spoiling, throwing, teasing, tickling and loving being an uncle.

I love you, Oliver!

Love, Me

PS. Your nephew loves you a bazillion, too.

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