Monday, October 10, 2011

Halloween Holiday

I love Halloween.
I started decorating food and my house when my children were very young.
Every year we would get more and more into it.

We turned our front yard, which had lots of trees and bushes, into a grave yard.
We stuffed dummies and goblins to lay next to the head stones.

One year my junior high age kids stayed home just to scare the other trick or treaters.
They dressed up like the dummies and layed in front of head stones.
When the little kids would walk up the path to our front door, my kids would slowly sit up.
It scared everyone!

My kids love Halloween as much as I do.

So, I have been cruising on line and looking at what some other people are doing for Halloween.

I am sharing with you today.

These mummy cookies came from

Don't you want to run into your kitchen and make something fun for someone?

Pinned Image

It makes me want to have a party.  The Marshmallow Candy is from
She has tons of ideas.

After I fill up on sweets at some of these fun blogs, I go to the house decorating places.
My friend, who I love, over at
Jackie and I are BFF but she doesn't really know it, that it has gone to the BFF level.
However, she and I have corresponded on several occasions.
She calls me by my first name, so that sums up the BFF for me!

Jackie gets into Halloween and all holidays.
She has a ton of time on her hand, lots of money, and a huge house and more dishes than most department stores.

She is an amazing cook and does really elaborate things, and simple delicious things.

If you don't get into Halloween and just love fall.....which is the road I am taking this year....because....well, just because.....

You will love something else I have found.

You have to have candles to burn when fall arrives.
The smell of Candied Apples, or Autumn Wreath, or Cinnamon Vanilla.....

So, whatever your desire is this year, make the most of it.

Enjoy the crisp morning air, the warm sun, the cool shade, the sound of canning lids sealing, the crackle of the fireplace, the leaves changing colors, the garden giving up the last of its produce, and carmel apples and burning candles.

Happy Fall and the season of Halloween...!

Love, Me

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