Friday, September 30, 2011

DH Goes Fishing

Some days our dreams come true, and other days, they don't.

It is especially true when DH goes fishing.

Some days he just dreams, and other days, he catches fish.

Some days he has hat hair.

Recently he took his pontoon boat and floated down the Teton River with his pals.
They had to put in at the top of the River and float for 8 to 9 hours to the place where they could get out.

They dawdled in some places when they found a good hole and there were fish hiding in the hole.
They dropped the worms on the hooks and teased those poor fish, without a thought of the result.
I am sure they didn't mean to catch them with those sharp poky hooks.
It was just an accident.

But, I am certainly glad it happened that way.

Boy have we had good eating!

Zoey wanted in on the action, as well, but we weren't about to share.

Zoey thought if she called in reinforcements it would be better chances for them to get some fish for dinner, too.

Thanks DH. 
When are you going again?

Love, Me

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