Monday, September 12, 2011

My Baby Had A Birthday

We celebrated another birthday in our family last month.  It was the 31st birthday we have celebrated for this baby child of ours.  We love her enough to celebrate once a year with her.  It is on our calendars.  We don't forget.  She won't let us.

Her father and I decided we would take her for a ride. 
We went North East of our home, about 40 minutes.
To Palisades Reservoir.
To go 4 wheeling.

She was thrilled.
She got to drive, by herself, like a big girl.

She was very cautious. She is always a good driver, and cautious.

As I watched from behind I was filled with memories.  My mind was whirling with memories.

1.  The day she got her drivers license.  It seems like yesterday.  I have a photo (someplace) of her standing by the car, holding her license, and she is grinning ear to ear.

2.  I remembered when she skipped on the side walk, with her best friend Cheryl, as they chatted all the way home from school.  Her long braids were flowing around her shoulders and her grin was from one ear to the other ear.  She loved Cheryl.  She loved school.

3.  When I picked her up after pre-school she wanted to eat at Carlos Juneion  (Carl's Junior).  We would get a burger and go to a park.  We had a picnic.  She would investigate all the little bugs in the grass, the rocks on the play ground, and dream.  She is still a dreamer.  She still investigates all the things in nature.  She loves the outdoors and nature.

4.  I remember the day she was born.  The day my world was shattered, because she was supposed to be a boy.  The Dr. said she was a boy.  I had planned on a boy.  Her brother wanted her to be a boy.  She was a girl.  She has always been a girl.  Her sisters are so glad she was a girl.  I am, too.

5.  If I closed my eyes I could see her in a pink and white frilly, ruffly, lacy dress.  It is the one really girly dress she loved.  We got her that special dress when she was baptised.  She would twirl around and the skirt of the dress would flair out.  She was a princess in that special dress.

6.  I remembered her when she was 9 months old, and she flew on an airplane with her dad and me.  We flew to  Arizona to find a place to live.  Her dad had just accepted a new job.  She slept all the way on the airplane.  She was so fun to hold and and cuddle with.  She was such a lovable baby.

7.  I can imagine her squeals and giggles as she ran around our backyard with our little Lacey dog chasing her.   They were best friends.  We had Lacey for 14 years.  This child was away at college when Lacey left our family.  We couldn't tell her about it.  She had to come home to find out.  We were sitting around the table eating dinner when she said, "Where is Lacey?"  Her dad and I couldn't look at her, or answer her.  Then we all started to cry.

8.  This child gives the best gifts.  Truly, she puts the most thought into her gifts.  It is never about the money, it is about the thought.  She puts lots of thoughts into the gifts she gives to others.  She will spend hours crocheting a hat, or hours making a perfect meal (or apple pie), or she will find a box of Cascade Bubble Bath and she will attach a note and bring tears to the receivers eyes.

9.  My baby loves nature.  I know, I already told you that.  I might tell you that again.  She loves nature.  She loves clouds, birds, sunsets, rain, thunder, mountains, steams, bugs, butterflies, BIRDS, caterpillars, rainbows, wild flowers, moss, leaves, birds, whales, and Alaska.  She also loves period movies by Jane Eyre, her Alaska friends, b i r d s, sea shells, fishing, 4 wheeling, trips, jewelry, home made food, baked bread, and cheesecake.  She doesn't like nuts in her food.

10.  She loves her family.  Her sisters are her best friends.  Her dad is her idol.  Her brother is a mystery to her.  She loves a good mystery.  She loves to read. She loves movies.  She can watch the same movie over and over, if it is a good one. 

11.  My baby is not afraid to be alone.  She loves her "own" time, her "quiet" time.  She is refreshed when she has been alone.  She needs it.

12.  Her dream is to be a wife and mother.  She wants to be adored.  She wants to be needed.  She wants to love deeply.  She wants a man like her father is.  She wants her husband to love her, like her dad loves her mom.

13.  She loves nature.  She really loves birds.  And wild flowers.  And birds.

14.  She loves birds and nature.  She doesn't care whether the bird is big or little.  If the bird is on the ground or in the sky.  She loves their feathers, and their eyes, and their feet.  She used to have a cockatiel.  Her name was Didgey.  They loved each other.  Didgey would sit on her shoulder and nibble in her hair and on her neck.  Didgey would softly grind her beak into my babies ear.  The grinding is a sign of contentment.  She would let Didgey sit on her shoulder and poop on her.  She loved that little bird with all of her heart.

15.  She enjoys John Wayne movies.  She collects them.  She loves cowboys.  She could be a cowgirl. She loves Idaho and Alaska, and birds, and nature.

As her mother, I love everything about her.  I love the same things she loves.  We are so alike.

I wonder what her future holds.

What trail she will follow.
What trials she has ahead of her.
What joys she will experience.

But, one thing I do know, is how much I love her.
I love sharing my life with her.
I love going to garage sales with her.
I love combing through Thrift Stores with her.
I love gardening and canning with her.
I love being in the kitchen with her.

Except when she forgets to close the cupboard doors....

She is the apple of my eye nearly everyday.

She is my buddy, my pal, my friend.

She brings me joy and happiness.

Her many talents amaze me.

I think I am starting to ramble.
I was going to tell you about the ride we took on her birthday.
I was going to tell you about the scenery, the flowers, and the rain, and the sheep.

Yes, the rain.  It rained on us all the way down the mountain.  It poured.  It stung our skin.  It was very wet.  We got wet in the rain.  And we all loved it.

Yes, the sheep.  When we finished our ride, and returned to our truck, it was surrounded by sheep.

It made us very happy to see the sheep.  There were hundreds of them.  Even black ones.  They talked to us.  They said "Happy Birthday, Fru."  And they sang to her.  They did.  Just ask her.  She loved it.  She laughed at all those sheep, and she told them thank you for singing to her, and for leaving her gifts on the gravel road.  There were lots of gifts on the gravel road, and she noticed most of them.

And then we loaded the 4 wheelers into the trailer and we headed for home.

So, happy birthday to my favorite 31 year old baby.

I love you with all my heart.

Love, forever,

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