Monday, September 19, 2011

Recent ATV Mishap

A group of us went on an ATV trip a few days ago.
We have formed a gang.
No, we don't wear gang related clothing or flash the signs.
What we do is "gang" up on unsuspecting mountain terrain.

And to try out our new Polaris ATVs.
Yep, we all got new ones.
We have to keep up with someone, just who, I am not sure.

Really, we needed ATVs that were softer on our mature frames.
Bigger for our added weight.
More powerful to pull us up steep hills.

Kenny and JoyLynn, and Connie are living proof.

We went to a place called Eight Mile.

Only it wasn't Eight Miles.  It was 35 miles!
Some was easy, and some was sheer terror!

Sharma, Bob's wife can attest to the terror.
She thought Kenny was going to drive off a cliff.

We all look out for each other.
We have too.
Between the 4 couples we have 2 complete brains.
(Don't tell them I said that)
We cover each others backs.

Yep, Bob and Sharma are covering each others backs.
It isn't a Mexican Standoff, I promise.

We have to cover each others backs, in case something drastic should happen to one of us.

Like this.

The last thing in the world you want to happen to one of us, when you are 35 miles from someplace that is civilized.  And very far from your vehicles!

This flat tire belongs to Kenny and JoyLynn.
They had taken a joy ride earlier in the day.

I think this is payback for making that little jaunt without the rest of us!

However, Kenny came prepared.
He had a can of  "Flat Fixit".

Yeah, somebody actually makes this stuff, and all of us bought it!

He shook up the can..... shook it up hard..... just to show off his forearms for us girls.
Bob think he is just showing off!

Then, Kenny actually put that stuff in the tire.

All of us could write the company with our testimonies of this product.
It actually works.
It really does!

He wondered where our Faith was ......  didn't we believe everything he says?


I am not going to answer that.... I have to live by this guy.

But Connie had an answer....

Sometimes she really surprises me.
She just says it like it is.
I love that gal!!

When the tire was repaired we crossed our fingers, bowed to the East, said a prayer and gave up our doughnuts for the tire gods, and hoped it was fixed enough to get us off this mountain.

With this bunch of testosterone leading us women off this mountain I am sure we are in good hands.
Why would I be worried?
I think guys like this would be trust worthy.

Why are you laughing?

They are grown up, mature, strong, capable men.
And I love each one of them!
In a different way..........
Like a neighborly way............

You know what I mean.

I better quit while I am ahead.

Thanks for the help Bob....


Love, Me

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