Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Wind

I like to hear the wind when it blows through the fireplace.  It just makes me grateful to be inside and warm.

I like to see the wind hustle all the leaves on the ground.  It is like watching a leaf round-up.

I like to see the clean air when the wind quits blowing.

Do you remember me showing you a picture on the last post of the sun setting?  Well, the tree in the picture had a few leaves on it.

Well, there is not one single leaf on that little tree or any trees on that side of my house.

I am feeling kinda sad about it.  Those little trees have only been planted one year.  They are trying so hard to grow big and tall.  All summer they strutted their green leaves.  As fall arrived they were changing colors and doing the wardrobe change for winter.  I loved watching them.  I was getting ready to take their picture.  They were beautiful colors.  Some were yellow, others were orange, and some were really dark brown.

But then the wind came.  And when the wind came it came with gusto.  50 MPH gusto! 

Today, there is not one single leaf left on any of the 5 trees on that side of the house.

When I look outside, all I see are little twigs, bare naked twigs.

Yep, I am feeling kinda sad about it.

They fought off the snow. 

Remember the day of the garage sale?  Friday was pretty good weather, but we had snow on Saturday. 

Well, this is a picture I took on that Saturday morning.  It is of a Burning Bush we planted this spring.  The wind had beaten it to death.  We put up stakes and attached burlap bags to the stakes to try and give the poor little bush a little help to break the wind from attacking the bush.

Today, there isn't one single leaf on that little burning bush.  It is just empty sticks.  It is bare naked, too.

Tomorrow, if it blows 50 mph again, I am not going outside.  I would be held captive by the wind, and I am afraid it might remove the body coverings I carefully chose to cover myself with.  In other words, I, too could be bare-naked.

So, I am going to just stay indoors and listen to the wind howl in the fireplace, and decorate for Christmas. 

I am not decorating for Thanksgiving this year.  I am tired of putting all the "stuff" up and taking it down, just to put up more "stuff".  I am condensing the holidays this year.

Blame it on the wind.

Love, Me

PS: That is the Burning Bush on the right side of the house.  It used to match the shutters.  Oh, the pain in my chest is hardly bearable.....


PSS:  This is the maple tree in the back yard.  It didn't get a chance to be brilliant in color this year either.  That dang wind nearly striped it!  It has about 10 leaves dangling from the little branches. That tree was so brave and strong in the snow storm....but it must have lost its strength from that hard fight, and had to give up to the wind.

Yep, I am staying indoor tomorrow so I will remain modestly clad.

I will lay on the sofa and listen to the wind blow.  And eat hot soup.

Bye, again.

Love, Me, again.

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