Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Carnival Squash

Have you ever heard of Carnival Squash?

I bought some this year at Scorsbys.  My favorite produce market, with locally grown food.

I was assured I would love the flavor.

So, the serpent beguiled me and I did buy, even though I have about 10 giant banana squash in my garage and the community garden storage has about 8 spaghetti squash and a few acorn squash.  I don't think we can have too many squash, as I love it, and could eat it everyday!

This is a Carnival Squash.

This is about 8 inches wide.  It isn't very big.
They come in variegated colors of all kinds.
Ain't it purdy?

It has a very strong hard skin.  It is like an acorn squash in that respect.  It is a winter squash if it has a hard skin.  Did you know that?

If you buy squash with soft skin it is a summer squash.  Summer squash are zucchini and yellow crook neck squash. 

If you can pierce the skin with your finger nail, it is a summer squash.  If it is too hard to prick it with your finger nail, it is a winter squash.

Winter squash keep along time, if they are in a cool dark place.  I have a storage room downstairs and I kept squash last year until March.  By March we had eaten all of it.  You should build a storage room like mine.....only with less crafts in it.....my storage room is a multipurpose room.

Anyway.  .  .  .  I want to tell you how to cook this kind of squash. (This recipe was shared with me by my friend JoyLynn.  She is a fabulous cook). Also, Acorn, Monkey Butt, and other squash can be cooked just the same way.  Yes, in Utah, they sell Monkey Butt squash.  I haven't bought any of that, but I have eaten it, and it is delicious.  I am going to grow some next year!!!!

Step 1.  Take a strong knife and pierce about 3 or 4 holes into the top of the squash.  (You know how you have to do that to a potato so it won't explode, well this is the same process).

Step 2.  Place the squash in a dish or on a plate and put it in the microwave, on high, for about 15 minutes.  You will need to adjust the time based on the size of the squash.  Start out with a shorter time and check the squash.  It just needs to be softened.  Let it sit and rest for about 5 minutes.

Step 3.  Cut the squash open with a sharp knife.  It will have a soft skin after it cooks and it will cut open every easily.

Step 4.  All those seeds and fibers must be removed.  Use a large spoon and they will easily scrape out.  Don't take the layer of the squash meat out.  That is the dense part of the squash between the outer skin and the fibrous seed area.  Just scrape out the seedy part.  If you are like me you will discard the seeds.  Some people save them ad bake them and salt them and eat them.  I throw them away.

Step 5.  Now scrape out all the squash meat. Be careful to only get the meat, not the skin.  Use a big spoon to do this.  Get it all, right close to the skin.  Place it in a microwave safe bowl.

Oh, it is so so good. 

Use a fork or a masher and mash all the squash meat.  It is a little fibrous so it needs to be mashed. 
Some squash are softer inside, and some are fibrous, and this little jewel needs a little help.

Just mash it like you would mashed potatoes if you want it really squishy.  I happen to like the texture of squash and like to leave it a little fibrous.  You choose how you like it.

Step 6.  Put a few dabs of butter on the warm squash.  It will melt pretty quick.  Add some Salt and Pepper, as well.

Optional:  I added a drizzle of maple syrup over the squash.  You could use brown sugar, instead.  What ever your taste buds like.

Just stir in the butter, syrup and salt and pepper and whatever you add and............

Last step:  You are ready to eat.

I forgot to take a picture of it dished up, but I am sure your imagination can conger up that.

Actually, I think it was eaten by DH (it couldn't have been me) before I had time to focus the camera for a picture.

Anyway, check out the squash this season in you markets and enjoy it.  Feed it to your babies and your teenagers.  Your husbands and friends will love it.  I promise. 

With much love, Me

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