Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pinterest Philphering

 If you haven't spent at least 2 hours this week looking at Pinterest, you are falling behind.

Pinterest is the new way to dream about what you want, want to make, want to have, want to touch, want to see a bigger picture, want to know the person who thought of it, want ....want.....want.....

I have to set the timer on my phone to remind me to turn it off, and accomplish something.

All these pictures you are seeing come from Pinterest.

The pictures "speak" to me.......I should just go to my studio and make something.....

Or finish something I have already started.......

But here I sit.... Looking at Pinterest.

Thinking a lot about my "Craft Club" ladies.

Wondering if they know how much I miss them.

Wishing there was a way to rewind and have ALL of us back together again.

Remembering how hard we used to laugh.

The trips we took together.

Thinking about the amount of Chocolate and M&M's we ate.

Remembering a few of the secrets we shared.

Laughing to myself as I remember some of the stories we told.

Our husbands were so supportive.  They would wait up for us to come home.  We stayed out very late some nights.  Wow.  Those men were so patient, and..... supportive.

Diet Coke has a special place in my heart, because of Craft Club.

I remember lunch at "The Spicery" in Glendale, Az.  Everyone at that restaurant wanted to be our friends and be a part of our gift exchange.  It was Christmas,  and I had made aprons for each one of them.  I packaged them in take out picnic boxes.  I remember how excited I was to give those precious friends the gift I had so lovingly made for each one of them.

We all knew presentation was 1/2 the gift!  We had been taught by the best.  Each one of us worried that we couldn't do "it" as good as the other one had.

Oh, my heart hurts as I remember those days.  How I loved them.  I loved the projects, the ladies, the time, the love.  Oh, the love.  And the gossip.  And the tears.  And the sharing.  And the eating.
TGIF and mashed potatoes....@ 1:00 am.

And because I am not with those ladies, doing Craft Club now, I have to fill my time with Pinterest.

Man, back then we could have used Pinterest to help us come up with ideas each month. 
But then we would have had to meet each week instead of once a month.
There are so many ideas out there now.
I won't live long enough to make them.

So, I will just sit here....... and DREAM, and REMEMBER, and WISH...........

Thank You my dear Craft Club.
For making my life richer,
just by knowing you.

For each one of you,
I am SO grateful!

Love, Me

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