Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We Said Good BYE....wwwhhhhhhaaaaa

Today, I dreaded getting out of bed.
After I woke up, I just layed there, in my bed.
I pulled the covers up over my ears so I couldn't hear the day beginning.

I did my knee exercises, and stalled.....
Yes, I do the exercises first thing in the morning, or I wouldn't get them done all day.
Leg lifts, without touching the bed,....1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7k, 8k, 9k, up to 50. 
Then I pull my foot in towards my butt as tight as I can, to get a good bend. 50k times.
I use a strap and stretch my calves and bacon (ham) strings....50k, or as many as I can do.

So, this morning, I made sure and do as many as I could, over and over, because I was stalling.

I finally got up the guts to get out of my bed.
I drug my sorry attitude down the hall and into the kitchen..............
and right there, in front of me was the cutest baby in the entire world!!!
In his highchair, eating, cheerios.

(I introduced him to Cheerios yesterday, without his mom's permission.  I was afraid to ask permission, so I thought I would just ask for forgiveness....but she was cool with it......whew!)

He has cut 2 bottom teeth since he has been with me.
See what a good influence I am on him.
It is my dentistry back ground!

I broke the Cheerios into 4ths.  Then I let him play with them and pick them up and drop them on the floor and feed all the dogs.....  He thought this was great......
So, I stepped it up a notch and taught him that He Could Eat Them, Too.  He wasn't too sure about the first couple of them....a little gagging,....a little slobbering....a little spitting them out......he learned how to eat it. 

Grandmas get to let the little kids do things they wouldn't let their own kids do.

Like I did yesterday, when the dogs water dish was the funnest place on earth.

But Grandmas don't like saying Goodbye to the little tike's!
In fact, they really dislike saying Goodbye to the sweet, yummy darlings.
The truth is, old ladies, who are grandmas, would rather lay in bed and exercise.

But, if you have to get up and out of bed, and drag yourself into the kitchen, then this is the sight you would want to see.  Forever, everyday, forever!

And they are glad to see their grandma, too!

Really glad!

So, saying goodbye doesn't hurt so much when you start the day like this........and can go back to the photos that have been taken the last few days.............and  remember................each little thing..........................
and try not to think about the dang goodbyes!

......and remember the mom of this baby.......................I hate those dang goodbyes!

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