Monday, March 28, 2011

Back In The Kitchen

I wish I had my camera.
I want to take pictures of the snow falling today. 
I also spent a few hours in the kitchen baking and such, and would love to share that with you.

But when I flew from San Diego to Idaho Falls, I could only take a small carry on bag and my purse.
I smuggled my laptop in my purse.
That was all I could carry.

Today my youngest surgery, recovering, patient, daughter was whining because I wasn't cooking.  She even called her father and complained.  I guess the world famous omelets aren't considered cooking!
The croissant rolls, with cranberry sauce, turkey, sprouts, cheese, thinly sliced cucumbers isn't either.

So, today I made from scratch....even ground my own wheat.....whole wheat and oat bread.
Also, whole wheat and oats with crasins..... 2 loaves each.

Then!!!  I made a chicken pot pie!  With homemade pie dough....sauteed onions, carrots, celery.  Chicken thigh meat fried up with garlic and tons of seasonings....corn, peas, potato.  Yummmmmm!

I baked the bottom layer of pie crust first.  Then added the filling.  Topped with basket weave dough strips.
Baked it for 45 minutes.

I am a highly motivated chef when a surgery recovering patient complains to the management!

I am just so sorry that I don't have my awesome husband and camera home with me to share with them all my awesomeness.

I also washed my sheets today (hoping the patient will shower) and got the bed made.
I shoveled our driveway and our neighbors driveway, and our deck, and the back yard for the dogs.
I dusted my bedroom.
Took the little patients laundry downstairs to her room.
Did my physical therapy for my knee.
Washed and dried all my cooking pots, by hand! 

Now, I am ready to watch a movie and sew on the crazy quilt some more.  And pray tomorrow I am able to accomplish, get my roots colored!  I look awful!

Till then, Ta Ta

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