Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Chair Seat Covers

I have been blessed to inherit my Aunt Erma's dining room.  We brought it from Arizona, and it took a few bumps on the way.  I have some finish work to fix.  Just some scratches.  But, since moving back to Idaho, I knew we had to change the fabric on the seats.

I got the dining room set when Aunt Erma passed away and Uncle Chuck was ready to move on. It had mauve/pink fabric on the seats.  It is the fabric Aunt Erma covered the chairs with about 20 years ago, when she and Uncle Chuck moved to Sun City West, Arizona.  It matched her house then, but it didn't match mine.

I changed the fabric to some green floral thing.  I was going to make drapes for my house to match the chairs.  However,  I think I really didn't like the fabric after all, so the window coverings never got done.

Since our move I have wanted to change the chair covering.  They are now done.
Do you want to see?

Here is the fabric I used in Arizona...... boy, did it need up dated!

 This is the fabric I covered them with.  Just a green/purple/gold faze I was going through.

They don't match our house now at all, so DH and I went shopping a few weeks ago, and he was the one who found the fabric that we ended up using.

Step 1:  Remove the seat. 
Just turn the chair upside down on your kitchen counter and unscrew the screws that are holding the seat on.

Step 2:  Remove the old fabric.
I only took off the fabric I had put on.  I left Aunt Erma's fabric.  It tells a story.

It really helps if you have a DH to help you do this part.  Then all you have to do is wish you would have done it sooner in the day so you would have better lighting for your photos, instead of the kitchen light.  You just stand there, looking pretty and take the photos and cheer your DH on. " What a marvelous thing he is doing and it just wouldn't be done if it wasn't for him...."  You know what I mean.  Ad Lib if you must.

Step 3:.  Cut the new fabric big enough to cover the seats, and staple it on.
Staple from the center of the side you are working on, to the sides.  Do front and back, then the two sides. 
Just miter the corners a bit, tug a bit, staple a few extra times and it will work.  I promise.

These chairs are not square.  The front is wider than the back, but the stripes worked anyway.

Step 4:  Place the seats on the chair, and screw the seats to the chair frame.

There isn't a picture of this step........  I got tired of standing their so I started helping and didn't pick up the camera again for a while.

But if you go back to Step 1 and see my DH's hands unscrewing the remove the seats........well, reverse the process and imagine him screwing them back in.  That is how it all works.

Then the 6 six chairs were done.

We put them back under the table, and they stayed there, until the following morning, when pictures were taken to show you the finished product.

Looks pretty good to me~Thanks DH!  I love ya!  Bunches!!!

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