Friday, September 3, 2010

Tractor Girls

Not long ago, in our Bonneville County,
we had a night like this.
The sun was setting, the air was warm
and our house was still surrounded with
big boy equipment.

I have been privileged to raise girls, who sometimes love to be "tom-boys".  And I love it!  If I wasn't such a girly girl, I would have been a tom=boy.

But my girls never outgrew that desire.

I have three girls who love to "hang with the boys". And they are as tough as most boys.

Nothing is too hard for them.  They lift heavy things.  They crawl into high things....such as......

........ big tractor things.  And they laugh really hard when they are getting into the big tractor things. 
Even if they are barefoot they don't care.

My girls are as brave as any man.  Maybe braver.  Or more brave....

Men wouldn't get into girly things... but girls can get into manly things.

And when they are in the big manly tractor things they laugh.  And they make others laugh.
And they tease.  And they make dares to other sisters to be brave.

So other sisters don't want to be sissy girls, so they take the dare.  And they too, are very brave.

The girls like to show me how brave they are.  I am thrilled with the courage of these darling women.

I am proud of the strong women they are.

They are the smartest....or they wouldn't be doing this, but they are brave!

The best part of being a brave women, is you dare to do things that are a little risky.  You aren't afraid to climb into men's equipment.  You like the thrill of being up high, and feeling the power of the big wheels under you.

The best part is not getting caught. Our family members are the only witnesses to the event.  And I know they won't tell.

So, the next time any of you are given the chance to be daring....... DO IT.

It makes for fun memories.

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