Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sand and Service

The yard surrounding our house is pretty unkempt.

The house was empty for 1 1/2 years.  The lawn didn't get watered.  Construction surrounded the property.  The poor little house just needed some TLC.  The yard needed A LOT of TLC.

About 6 miles from our house the dirt changes from CLAY to SAND.  Truly.  How does that happen?

Our yard has nothing except grass.  The grass went without water for a long time, so we have spent some time watering and bringing it back to life.

In the process, we have discovered the grass is not level.  We have a pretty severe slop from the foundation of the house to the center of the lawn.  The water drains quickly from the foundation and ends up in a big puddle in the middle of the yard.

The best way to correct a low spot like the one we have is to add sand.  A thin layer, may be an inch thick, on top of the grass helps to raise the soil level.  The sand mixes with the clay and causes better drainage in the soil.

We have also had some sod laid and doubled the grass surface in our back yard.  That sod is not very level yet either.  Between each section of sod is a low spot, which makes it look bad.  Eventually the separation lines will fill in.  However, I am not patient.  I have snow coming.  And I have dogs.  I need a good back yard as soon as possible.

Therefore, we are working on filling in the low spots, the bare spots, the dry spots and the wet spots in the lawn.  Sand does that so nicely.  That is why we are getting sand.

My best worker husband, my willing father, and my strong daughter grabbed shovels and we all headed to the sand dune.  We backed our pickups up to the dune and started shoveling.  Well, everyone except me.  They brought a shovel for me, but I would rather stay behind the camera.  So my shovel was stuck in the sand and ignored.  I had to concentrate on standing on a slop in the sand.  I had to focus a lens.  I was very busy.

My darling father is 81 years old.  He is as spry as a spring chick.  He works circles around me.  He was so willing to go with us and let us fill his pickup with sand.  He is such a good example for me to give service and be willing no matter how old we get.  He just stayed in the grove and shoveled and shoveled. 

I think my darling daughter and husband were glad when my father needed a rest.  They were all puffing from shoveling and were move than glad to take a moment to catch their breath.

But the rest didn't take long.  It wasn't long before my father was setting the example again to put a little effort on the end of the shovel and started working again.  He is amazing.

My dad has always had beautiful yards.  He works hard in planting trees, roses, bushes, and flowers.  He lays borders and trellis and whatever will enhance the beauty of the yard.  His yards are immaculate.  Not a weed.  Not a uneven edge on the grass.  No dead flowers.  He tenderly carers for his yards and beautifies the surroundings for my mom and himself.

My husband has learned so much from my father over the years.  His example and work ethic is something that has been a big influence on my entire family.  His willingness to help others with work that needs to be done is a daily service he shares with others.  My father is always helping the widows in his neighborhoods with things that need done by a man.  He has hung screen doors, washed windows, and mowed many lawns for widows who need help.  He never expects payment or cookies.  He would accept the cookies but he never expects them.  He does things for people because he can, and they need the help.

He isn't a young man anymore, but he is a healthy older gentleman.  His body stays trim and fit and strong because he is willing to help other people and he isn't afraid of hard work, or getting dirty.  He takes rests when his body tells him he needs to.  He listens to his body.  He protects his body.  What a great guy he is.

My father is part of the generation who saved his money, made due with what he had, and doesn't waste anything.  He doesn't waste his time, his food, his money, or his efforts.  He is thoughtful, kind, and very sensitive.  He doesn't show his sensitive side very often.  It is hard for him to express his tender side.  He keeps that hidden.  But I know it is there.  I know how much he loves me, my husband and our family.

I hope my father knows how much we love him.

Thanks dad, for helping haul sand today for our bumpy back yard.  And thanks for so much more!

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  1. Wow. That's a lot of work, a lot of service, and a lot of love all wrapped up in one blog post. I love how you use words and pictures to show your love. I love you :)


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