Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Out of time

I am out of time.

I wanted to blog everyday, but that is not happening.

I tried to blog everyday last month and I did pretty good.

Because, September is my favorite month and I really wanted to share with you all the fun September things I have done, and I am doing.

I have driven to Heise Hot Springs and Kelly Canyon.

I have driven from Idaho to Arizona.

I have boxed so much crap I am delirious.  Crap I tell you. Crap.  What else would you call old plastic hangers, used Glad ware, half full bottles of Vegetable Oil, miss matched plastic forks and spoons...?

I have so many boxes surrounding me. 1)  Some is for donation....that stuff is still kinda good but I don't want it. 2) Boxes with packing material in it.  You know the kind.  Bubble wrap, plastic bags, paper, newspaper...stuff to pack with.  3).  Garbage.  Plain and simple garbage.  But the garbage can is full so it is in boxes.  4).Stuff that I don't have the energy to make a decision about.  Like, panty hose (I haven't worn that in years....) silk plants, which are covered with an inch of dust, and they are too big for the new house, but they would be good for someone....  You know.  Just that kind of stuff.  Stuff I can't decide about.  Decisions Decisions Decisions.  I CAN NOT MAKE ANY MORE.  Whew, that felt good.

Then there is the "list".
The list is all the stuff V has asked me to do, and I can't do any of it.
Things like having the water turned off. 
That should be easy, right? But it isn't.
I call the City of Glendale.  I "press 9 for customer disconnect".
I "press 1 for...whatever!"
I keep pressing numbers until I can talk to someone.
Then I give them my address.
I tell them the last 4 digits to the account holders SS#.
And then the sweet lady on the other end of the phone says, "I am sorry.  Your name is not on the account.  You will have to have the account holder call to disconnect this service."

Well,  I think quickly...and I say, "I am the homeowner.  My name is on the deed to this home.  Doesn't that give me any privileges?"  I am not ashamed to be the homeowner.  I have paid the house payment, the water bill, the power bill, the sanitation collection bill, the Internet bill..... you see what I was thinking?  Yeah, I was thinking...

The sweet lady says,"Hold on Mrs. H.  I can research that".........*pause while I wait*........ "Oh, Mrs. H, thanks for waiting. I am so glad to see your name is on the Deed To The Property.  I will be happy to help you.  What was it you needed?"

By then I wasn't sure who I had even called.  Was it for the water, the power, or the Internet....?

So, I said, "I have forgotten who I called.  What company do you represent?"

The sweet lady started to laugh.  She really did.... then she said, "I'll bet you have made several of these calls today.  I am with the City of Glendale.  Did you want your water turned off on a specific date?"

Suddenly, I remembered what I was doing.  I remembered what State in America I was in.  I remembered my own SS#. I remember the list.  I look at the list....I see the lines of crossed out things I have I figure the next item that isn't crossed out is what I was working on.  Whew....

So, I told the lady the date of the disconnect.  The house address.  The new address so (heaven forbid) they could send the final billing to us...

When we ended our conversation I was sitting quietly in my breakfast nook.  Looking around at all the boxes.  Seeing what needs done.  Seeing what I have done.

Then I heard a drip.
Drip, drip.
Drip, drip, drip.....
What could that be.????
A bird pecking on the window screen upstairs.???
No, they don't drip.....

Oh, crap.  I've gotta go.  I have a problem..... "Houston, we have a problem"!  A VERY BIG PROBLEM.

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