Friday, September 24, 2010

Grand Son

"I have the best grand kids in the world."

I have heard other grandmothers make that statement, and they do, for them.  In their life.

But in my life, I have the best grand kids in the world.

This is Jackson.
He was my first grandson.
He is always smiling
His is letting his hair grow out.
There is some Justin Beiber or something like that, who is very influencial in the hair world these days.
He tries to get good grades.
He worships his parents.
He is very close to his mom.
He knows how to clean like "Nanna" likes things cleaned.
He knolws the differenct between teenager clean, and Nanna clean.  (I love that!)

I went to a volleyball game at the High School where Jackson's sister played.  Jackson goes to everyone of those games.  He sits in the bleachers and cheers his sister on.  He plays with his nephews or nieces, (whoever is there) and keeps them occupied so their mothers can watch the volleyball game, or read magazines, or daydream, or whatever their mothers want to do.  Jackson never takes his eyes off those little active kids.  He is so attentive, and loving to them.  I recently watched a very naughty nephew spit on Jackson, and Jackson, being the lovable darling perfect in every way kind of kid he is, simply said , "Don't do that.  That is gross."  (If this grandmother would have been spit on, I think I would have handled it differently.  I would probably be in jail right now.  My picture would be hanging in the post office in Arkansas.  My children would wonder what happened that day when their mom lost her mind.)

Jackson will someday make a great father. 

He will read to his kids.
He will watch DVDs with his kids.
He will teach them all about computers.
He will tinker on little things with his kids.
He will watch them for hours and laugh at them, and love them, and find only the good in them.

Jackson is a very good example to me.
He teaches me to smile.
He teaches me how to use my phone.
He teaches me where gas stations are that have diesel.
He teaches me to watch a full moon peeking through clouds.

He teaches me every time I am with him.

He lets me love him.

Yes, have a grandmother who loves you with every ounce of her heart.  I am so proud of you.  You bring me joy.  You make me smile.  You remind me that little young boys have tender hearts and see the little things in this world that matter.

Jackson, you love your animals.  You love our your Millie.  You don't care if she sheds her hair on you.  You pet her.  You feed her.  You keep her water bowl filled.  You talk to her. You even share your chair with her.  Especially when she is sad.  Today, she was sad.  You realize that and you tenderly care for her.  You reassure her she is loved.  You give all you have to give to her.  Jackson, you know how to love.

So today, I want everyone to know how much I love my Jackson.  I love him with all my heart.  I love the smell of him (there is nothing like the smell of boys growing into teenagers), I love his braces, his sneakers, his bedroom filled with boy posters and things.  I love his eyes, his hands, and his heart.

Jackson.  You make me proud.  I am a very proud grandmother because, I am YOUR grandmother. 

Now, I have to shut off my tender heart, because my Jackson won't live just 40 minutes from me anymore.  I have to be 1,000 miles away from my Jackson, and those miles of separation begin tomorrow.  But no matter if  I am 1,000 miles or 100,000 miles away from him, my love won't change.  But, tomorrow I will feel a pain in my heart that I don't want to fill. Today, I dread knowing that pain is coming.  I have to hug him, and then let him go, out of my arms, and be physically separated from  him, tomorrow.

Miles can't change what I feel inside my heart for this special grandson.  Jackson, please don't forget how much I love you.  Because, I do! 

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  1. i cannot see to type because of the tears streaming down my face. but I wanted you to know I read this post. and i love and miss you all the more for it.


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