Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Specials Fill The Air Waves

I am so grateful for DVR!

DH and I have spent every evening in the month of December watching at least one Christmas special and sometimes we stay up late and watch more than one. 

Hallmark Channel is full of cheesy, gooey, sappy, wonderful Christmas Specials. So, I recorded about 4 dozen of them and we are watching them. When our day is finished and we finally settle down in front of the fire with a cup of cocoa, and have a couple of dogs curled up next to us is now a tradition.  Even if we get company, we just invite them to get comfortable because that is what we are doing. 

I have a few favorites.

"The Christmas Card".  The story comes to life as a daughter of a wood mill sends letters and Christmas cards to soldiers for Christmas.  Of course, one card falls into the hands of a handsome, single, and lonely guy who finds the girl who wrote the letter.  Yes, it is sappy.  But the wood lodge (house) they live in is beautiful.  The snow scenes are spectacular.  The love of a family is charming. 

"The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is one we liked.  I mostly liked it because the male star in the movie is the most handsome dude EVER!  I don't think I will delete this movie, EVER.  He is one that has the twinkle in his eyes, messy hair, and a great sense of humor and adventure.  He isn't afraid to 'bend' a few laws to impress the girl.  I loved it!  I loved all of it's sappiness, gooeyness and him!

This guy reminds me of dentist I used to work with.  His name is Nate Yetter.  He is 'this kind of handsome'.  He has the same twinkle in his eyes, and smiles and teases and is a great dentist.  He is married to a beautiful gal, and they have a ton of the cutest kids in the world.  Watching this movie brought back some good memories of when Nat worked at Arrowhead Lakes Dentistry.  He brightened each day, gave us all nick names..... I was "Sist'a T".  He nailed that one.  I knew, and he knew, what the "Sist'a" stood for. 

So, you need to set your DVR for "The Most Wonderful Time Of the Year" and watch Henry Winkler play a conniving uncle who helps this handsome guy meet his niece and help them fall in love.  It is a cute show.

And Christmas would be complete until we watch "The Miracle on 34th Street".  I love it! 

This heart warming favorite has been around since 1947.  That was before I was born, sheesh!  But, back then  love meant something.  It was tender and strong.  Today, the soap operas have ruined what the true meaning of love is.  (Cheating and lying and being unfaithful in many ways isn't love.  It is trash.  Now you know how I feel about the time wasting, mind polluting, twisted family values of soap operas.)

Doris Walker and Fred Gailey will always be a favorite love story.  They are the reason I shop at Macy's!

And then there is "Charlie Brown Christmas".  My favorite childhood Christmas Special.  I remember when it would come on once a year, on a Sunday night.  We would schedule our family around this special.  I still love the original voices.  The original music.

 And best of all I love the Christmas message.  The real Christmas message.  The message that includes Christ.  We see signs that say "the reason for the season" and still that doesn't include what it should.  Children know the reason.  Children teach us.  They know it means more than a Christmas tree.  It means more than Santa coming down the chimney.  They know.......Luke 2:1-20.


My children have grown up listening to the account of the birth of Jesus Christ.  They hear it read by their father every Christmas Eve.  I suppose most families do the exact same thing. That is when we quit worrying about the trees, and the commercial side of Christmas. 

 Charlie Brown teaches us in such a simple way, the true meaning of Christmas.

With just a few pictures of that timeless show, you can hear the voices of the children.  You can hear the singing of the choir.

You can fill the love of the True Meaning of Christmas. 

This is what I believe!

May you enjoy the wonderful Christmas Specials on TV.  But, I pray each of us will find to read in
Luke 2: 1-20 the account of the birth of Jesus Christ.  Read it throughout the Christmas season, several times. We might try to read it every day between now and Christmas Eve. Ponder the importance of this scriptural record.  Because IT tells The Reason For The Season.  We have 12 days......12 days to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. 

Merry Christmas.
Love, Me

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