Friday, December 9, 2011

Festival of Trees

One crisp morning I said to DH, "I would love to go to the Festival of Trees".

He said, "OK".

And we went.

I saw some very wonderful, imaginative, gorgeous trees.

You see, the reason we went is so I could get some ideas to do the top of our tree.  I couldn't bring myself to place an angel on top of the tree one more year.  It isn't that I don't like angels, because I do.  But, I am tired of our angel.  Instead, she is a decoration on the counter in our powder room.  She lights up, and is a great night light.  That is where she is staying this year.

But, I wanted to do something, well, out of the ordinary.  Something with ribbon, sparkles, maybe silk flowers.  I just needed some inspiration.  Feathers seemed like a good idea.  You know what I mean?

I hadn't thought of using a lantern.  Hummmmmm!

My tree isn't flocked, but some of the ones I saw makes me want to get one.  But where would I put it?  I have several trees, and manage to put up several every year......but I don't think I am going to buy another one.  Although, I have a bunch of brown and gold ornaments, that don't show well on green trees.....Oh, maybe I will get another one after all..... DON'T TELL DH!

There was one tree that was completely Dr. Seuss.  I loved it!

A nursery would love this.  A Preschool.  A Daycare.  Me.
I would love to have it downstairs in the family room.  It wouldn't match anything, but wouldn't the little kids love to play around and with it!  Oh, I would if I were a small child.  That is one tree that a mama could say...."Yes, go ahead and touch!".

And the little ones could rearrange the stuff at the bottom and think they had the best grandma in the whole world.  Well, they do, so I guess I don't need to give them the tree (this year) after all.

 And there were lots of ideas for doors, and wreaths, and oh, so much to see.

And the ideas to decorate the mantel were spectacular.  Nearly everyone in my new town has a fireplace, whether it is wood burning or gas, the mantels need some attention at Christmas time.  There were so many beautiful ones. 

So, we got in the Christmas spirit and got our house decorated.  I have enjoyed every minute of it.

Now, I will confess, we had the Festival of Trees in November.  And yes, I had my house completely decorated for Thanksgiving, in Christmas decorations.  I felt a little guilty about doing it so early.  I felt just a tiny bit guilty not decorating for Fall, or Thanksgiving, but I AM SO GLAD NOW THAT I DID IT. We have been able to invite friends and family to our home, and it looks so nice and cozy.  We have watched a Christmas special nearly every night in December and with the Christmas decorations all around us, it has been magical.  Romantic.  Spiritual.  Comforting.  Peaceful.  I have felt the spirit of Christmas, the real meaning of Christmas more this year then I have in many years.  I love having the decorations done early.

I hope you get inspired to change a few of your decorations, and feel the spirit of Christmas in doing so.

Merry Christmas....Happy Holidays......

Love, Me

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