Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Talented Children

I have 4 of the most talented children!

They all know how to hang spoons from their noses.
They all know how to sew on a button.
They all know how to lick their plates when we have sourdough waffles.
They all know how to make me laugh and cry.

Such kids!

And they all are pretty dang good with computers.
3 of them have made their living with computers.

Today, I am showcasing one of the many talents that Nikki has.

Did you notice the new look of my blog site?

Well, let me start at the beginning.....which was last week.

I was out shopping, and my cell phone rings. 

"Hello", I said.

"Hi Mom", the caller said.  She always says "Hi Mom" and so cheery.  I love it.

"Hi Honey, what's up?" I said.  I know how to make good conversation.

"Well, how would you like it if I updated your header on your blog?" my sweet daughter said.

"Sure, that would be great!  Do you have time to do it?" I said, only thinking of her.

"Do you have any preferences of what it looks like?"

"No, darling.  I trust you to do what will look great".  And that is the truth!  I do!

"Okay, I will let you know when I am done", she happily said.

"I can't wait to hear from you, and see what you do.  I love you, honey.  Thank you".

And I went on about my shopping.  I rather forgot about it, as I had big decisions to make.  I had to pick out 5 colors of embroidery floss so I could work on my crazy quilt, which, by the way, is nearly done.  I then I had to get batting for it.  These are big decisions when making a quilt, but after embroidering all winter on this one, IT IS A REALLY BIG DECISION!

Later that evening she called and said the header and more was done.
I was busy with Young Women's and stuff, like dinner and sleeping.  I didn't take the time to go look at it until the next day.

OH MY!  I love it.  It is cheerful, colorful, happy, clean, and did I say I love it?

So, if any of you want her to help you, let me know.  I will hook you up. 

From the bottom of my heart, Nikki, I do love you.  You are so wonderful, and oh so talented!

Love,  Mom

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  1. *sniff sniff* you made my eyes leak... again :-)


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