Sunday, May 29, 2011

Community Garden Boxes

In a land up North, there lives 3 men, who are commonly called "The Three Musketeers" by their loving wives.

These 3 men have been molded and cared for by their lovely wives for many years.  The wives have taught the men to be brave and go outside when it is very cold and windy.  The lovely wives help their husbands to dress warm, wear gloves, and prepare them to go outside and face the elements of the weather in the early spring.

One day, the youngest member of the threesome had an idea.  The idea grew and grew inside of his head, until he had to share it with his two old friends. 

 The youngest wife saw the 3 men gather together and she observed them talking, while she was hidden inside her warm safe home.  She stood by the window and watched as they thought, and talked, and plotted how to make this idea become a reality.  The 3 men were very serious.  They had a huge task ahead of them.  They discussed the idea over and over, from every angle, until they knew that they were strong and smart and could do it!

The 3 men walked together to the oldest man's house to retrieve a moving dolly.  They knew they were going to need this important tool to help them bring this idea to fruition.  These 3 men are strong and smart, and are very helpful to one another.

The youngest wife stayed warm and hidden inside her home.

 As the cold spring morning passed away, the 3 men were busy building their project.
They measured some wood, and they sawed the wood.  They studied their plan very carefully.  They were most precise in their project.

After the many long and heavy boards were cut and ready, they stood the wood on their ends and they screwed the wood together.  They practiced safety in all they did.  They are very careful men.  Gloves protected their fingers and hands.  The gloves also kept their hands warm.

The wife watched as they screwed screws into the wood.  The men were building something important and it must be strong so they used big strong screws in the wood.

The 3 men were careful to rest if they got tired.  They knew that they must not be tired or fatigued when using power tools, or one of them could get hurt.  They are such good friends and look out for each others welfare that they rested when they saw one of them were getting tired.

While they rested their bodies, they checked the powerful tools they were using.  They made sure the parts were clean and free from debris.  They checked that the tools were in the finest working order.

As the day passed the 3 men accomplished their task.  They worked together and carried their project to the location where it would be used.

The 3 men had built three boxes out of sturdy good wood.  The corners were flush and strong so the boxes could hold the heavy dirt which was going to be placed inside the sturdy boxes.

The three boxes were carried to the community garden and were carefully placed in the exact spot where they would be for the next hundred years.  The boxes were leveled and spaced just perfectly.

The 3 men decided it would be best if the boxes were painted so they would look very nice.  The oldest man said his wife could paint the boxes.  He assured the other two men that she would love to do it, and she would be very careful to do a good job.  He said his wife would feel left out if she didn't get a chance to work on the big boxes.  So, the two younger men agreed to let the wife of the older man paint the wooden garden boxes.  They want the wife to feel important and needed.  They were only thinking of her.

As the afternoon sun was setting in the west, the 3 men surveyed their hard work.  They were very happy with the results and they were very pleased with themselves.  They had built 3 strong boxes which would soon be used for the square foot gardening the community was planning.

The men knew the rest of the garden could be planted in rows and the seeds and plants which would be planted on the rows would be just fine, as the garden boxes were going to help the water stay in the garden.  They also knew the trees which would grow up to be tall and strong were far enough away from the garden boxes as not to shade the vegetables and fruit which would be growing in the strong boxes.

At the end of the day the 3 men were very tired.  They had thought and worked very hard that day.

In a few days 2 truck loads of dirt were scheduled to be dumped near the boxes.  They would rest until the dirt was delivered and then they would work very hard with shovels and wheel barrels to put the dirt into the boxes. 

The 3 men called their work good and they each retired to their homes and reported to their lovely wives how wonderful the boxes are.  The 3 lovely wives praised their husbands and fed them a special dinner to show how proud they were of their husbands.

It was a good day to build boxes for the community garden.

The end.

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