Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day 2011

Today is a special day.  We are going to decorate a few graves and remember, fondly, those we love.

The weather is windy and cool and possible rain showers.

We are waiting for our youngest daughter to arrive home, around 11:30 pm.  Our middle daughter will land in LA sometime sooner than that and then they go to San Diego.  Their adventure to Australia is now a sweet memory for them.  I am thankful they are coming home.

There are many families throughout this country who have heavy hearts because their loved ones are not coming home today.  They are still serving in far away lands and fighting for the rights of others.

We are so blessed to have the freedoms we have in America.

I have had many relatives fight for our freedoms.  My dad fought in the Korean War.  I have uncles who fought in WWII.  I have friends who served in Viet Nam.

I am forever grateful for their sacrifice and service.

I say thank you to all of those who gave their lives, who didn't come home, and thank you to those who did come home.  God bless you for your sacrifice.  God bless your families.

Dad, thank you for your example to our family.  For your service on behalf of this blessed country.
Thank you Dad, for being one of "the brave".    I love you!

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