Friday, December 17, 2010

Turkey Noodle Soup

The days are pretty chilly here in Idaho.  The sun is shinning and the air is cool, crisp and clean.  No pollution at all.  In fact, yesterday was so clear we could see the mountains of Sun Valley, Idaho.  Yep, that is clean air.  That is a couple hundred miles away. 

With these sunny cool days comes a strong desire for me to be in the kitchen.  I love baking and cooking and having the stove on.  It doesn't just warm the food.  It warms my house, and especially my heart.

My neighbor Norman is fighting off a deep chest cold.  He sounds awful!  He has the lowest (sexiest) voice with this cold.  So, I figured, he needed some homemade chicken noodle soup.  But I don't want to use chicken, since I have turkey from Thanksgiving, frozen in the freezer. So, I made some Turkey Noodle Soup for him.

Here is how I did it.

I gathered my ingredients.
Chicken broth
Diced Turkey
Salt and pepper, and other seasonings as desired.

I also used some butter, but forgot to add it to the picture.

Start with melting butter in a big stock pot.  I used about 4 Tablespoons
Sorry this photo is blurry.  I needed my Tripod up high and just didn't do it.  I "free handed" it.

Put the butter on low heat.  You don't want to burn it, just melt it.
While it is melting dice up some celery.  As much as you want.
I used about 3/4 of a cup.
First, I like to cut it down the stalk to make it smaller pieces when diced.

Then I dice it. Just make it bite size pieces, which will be easy to eat.

Put the celery in the pot, and dice up the carrots.

Again, just dice up as much as you want.  I did about a cup of carrots.
Add them to the pot.
Dice up the onion.  I am showing you 1/2 of the onion, as I only do that much at a time, but I diced the entire onion and added it to the pot.

Just simmer this until the onions start to get translucent.  And the celery and carrots are a little bit tender.
Stir it frequently so everything is cooked the same.

At this point the neighbors start smelling it too.  They want to know if they are on the list to receive such wonderful aromas in their house.  But today, it is just us and Norman, cuz he's sick.

In between stirring, be sure to get your turkey diced up.  Be ready to add it to the pot.

Diced turkey and chicken stock are next in the pot.

Pour in one can of stock, then........

Then add the turkey.

About now the sun has broken through the clouds.  It is bright and shinning in my kitchen.  But, let me warn you, it is just an illusion.  It is still only about 19 degrees outside.  This soup is going to taste so good tonight.  After all our chores are done.  The visiting teaching is done, and we sit down to relax.  This soup is going to blow your bangs back!

Now, add all the spices you want to.
I added parsley, fresh dried basil crushed, salt and pepper. 
You could add bay leaves, oregano, whatever your little heart desires.
I think the more the better......

Give it a stir, and turn down the heat.  It needs to simmer for the rest of the time....which is about 5 minutes.....just to get the flavors to mix.

This is when I put everything away except the noodles.  I was off the counter and cutting board.  Put them all away.

At this point to can make a choice.
Do I make this entire pot up now,.......
or do I save some of the soup in a different container and freeze it......?
If I freeze some, the first part will be all done and next time it will be quick to make more.

That is what I did.
I ladled out 4 cups of broth and ingredients.
I set it aside to cool. 
When it is cool I will put it in a freezer safe container and freeze it.
When I need soup next time, I will thaw it out, maybe add another can of broth and the noodles.
Then that meal will be done, and I will have time to make bread to serve with the soup.

Now, add the noodles to the pot..
I don't measure. 
I just add a couple of handfuls.
If it looks like there will be room for more, think about it for a moment.
These noodles swell.
They drink up lots of fluid and get big.
So think about it before you add too many.
And it is always okay to add water if you need to, or another can of broth.

These noodles come from Sam's Club.
They are as close to "homemade" as you can find.
I used to buy some frozen ones at Walmart, but I find these just as good.

I usually add another can of broth at this point. 
Mainly because I know how much liquid the noodles will absorb, and I want more leftovers, and I have room in the pot now.

The noodles will stay firm for about 20 keep the liquid barely simmering and be patient.  It will happen.....they will cook. 
Stir occasionally.

You can see here I need more liquid.  I added a can of broth and a can of water.

Set you timer for 20 minutes.  It will help you to keep track of the time.  20 minutes goes by pretty fast when you are cleaning your kitchen and setting the table.  Don't forget about the stove.  Give the pot a stir every few minutes, just to be sure everything is submerged in liquid and spices.

If your door bell rings, it is because your neighbors can't stand the aroma one more moment and they want to see what you are doing, and see if they are invited....

Just let the soup simmer.
You will be drooling now, as well.
Wipe off your chin.

You can thank me later.

Carefully lift out a noodle with a fork, and blow on the noodle. 
Taste it.
Is it done?
Do you need more salt and is the time to add it.

Call your family to come and eat.
It won't be long until they surround you, with drool on their chins.

Ladle out a big bowl to take to Norman,
and ladle out bowls for you and your family.

Sit down and enjoy.

And remember, no texting at the table.  No reading the newspaper at the table.
Sit together and talk, and enjoy the next 10 minutes and taste your dinner.
And dwell on the dinner.
Tell the person who made it how wonderful they are.

The end.

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