Friday, December 3, 2010

Disturbing Phone Call

Last night I had the most disturbing phone call. 
The information I was given is not what I want to hear.
There are changes on this earth that are taking place every single day and I don't like it.
I don't like it one little bit.

I have a middle daughter who is to blame for this disturbing information.
She felt the need to inform me of the changes that are taking place everyday.
I am powerless to stop these changes.

You see, there is "someone I'm longing to see....."
And now I find out he has changes!


You see, there is a certain baby, rumor has changing.
He is growing.
He is getting fat.
He is simply changing..... AND I AM MISSING ALL THE CHANGES!!!

I gave strict orders for this every thing not to happen.
I knew it would be too hard on me.
And it is.

I haven't had near enough days with the little tike, and I want more!
I want him to stay the same until I get to see him again.....oh, heck, ....
I want him to stay the same until I get to TOUCH him again!

Many days and nights pass and my eyes are not able to feast upon this little angelic face.
I miss out on the bathes, the giggles, the discovering of hands and feet.

I miss out on the squeals of delight, the gurgling, the bubble blowing, the laughter, the hic-ups, all of it!
I miss out on the folds of skin getting pudgy, and the soft baby bum skin, and the big eyes.
I miss out watching as discovers are made when Christmas trees light up, and fires and candles burn.
I miss seeing the delight as this baby learns new things every single day!
I miss out on so dang much!

I know this little baby would love to see his grandma's Christmas Tree.
He wants to watch my fire in my fireplace.
He needs me to smash up bananas and let him taste them.
His life is only half complete by not getting to ride in grandpas truck.

I wonder how he feels knowing how upset I am about all of this.
I bet he would want to sit in my lap and tell me it will be okay.
It will be okay because he is going to be able to see me more often,.....because......
his address would be closer to my address.

It is just a thought I am sure he has growing inside his little head.
He will soon be able to express his thought....
Because I am going to brain wash him....................
and make him impossible to live with.................
unless this thought becomes a reality.................. !!!!!!

Yep, this is what I want for Christmas!
No more disturbing phone calls telling me the universe is changing and I am missing out.


  1. Oh mom, I agree!!! Well, about the stop growing so fast part. ;) I can't believe how fast this is going. Two days ago, he really recognized Sadie. He laughs when he sees her and reaches out to pet now and grab her beard too. He saw his first Christmas tree last night (lights only, we decorate it tonight) and he just stared, until his arms started to fly up and down and he did the "ooh ooh ooh" chant. :) Thank you for posting these pics. I remember him like this, but fear it will fade so quickly and be replaced by the other new memories we make daily. I HAVE to document this little life better - thank you so much for the help!!! xoxo

  2. He is so precious!

    I guess the one blessing you have from not seeing him very often is that you know how important every moment you do get to see each other is.


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