Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I just spent 11 wonderful days on the rim. Some of the time I had company, and other times I was alone, well, with a dog as a warning device. The flowers are in bloom, and the afternoon rains are watering the berries. Varce and I took 3 walks a day, and had so much fun. We camp near this meadow, which is very private. I asked him if we could take a quilt down there and....... He is a little too shy. Darn it!!! And I am shameful.
The temps are so much cooler there, and I actually had to sleep with a blanket on, a thin one, but still, it was more than a sheet. I collected rain water in a bucket. That is what the dogs drank while there. I crocheted some baby blankets, and around some receiving blankets and burp clothes. I made several books..... I always enjoy that, however I have to haul so much stuff up with me, I have to sneak it so Varce doesn't know how much extra weight he is pulling. And of course I have my ipod in my ear most of the day. I am listening to a series of books "Outlander" by Diana Gabeldon. If you have ever read them, then you know why I thought we should take a quilt to the meadow.... they are great reads. There are 5 books in the series, and they are big books, so hence, the ipod, so I can be doing other things.
This wonderful man, who I have spent the last 39 1/2 years married to, actually relaxed as well. He did some carving, and reading, and took a nap every day. His idea of rest was cooking! So I let him rest all he wanted to. I made biscuits from scratch (sourdough biscuits) and he baked them in the dutch oven. That meant lighting briquettes and tending the dutch oven. He loved it, so then he did the best chicken dish I have ever eaten. And he did a potato dish with all sorts of veggies in it, all of it was in the dutch ovens. It was so good!!! He also cooked most of the breakfasts, and occasionally cleaned up after himself and did the dishes! That is the best man I know!

Kattie and Nikki and her family joined us for a few days. It is so fun to be together. We played games, and laughed so hard. Sometimes I wonder if our family is normal..... I hope other families have as much fun as we do! We picked wild berries, and made cobbler two nights. And we picked enough to bring home 10 quarts of frozen berries to use later. We played badminton and laughed so hard at each other. All I can say it we can't play, and we can't keep score. But we sure have a wonderful time together. The cheering sections is as much fun as the players!

But not all things have a happy ending. In spite of the setting sun, no dinner and getting back into the heat we didn't let "the little things" become big things.... as everything worked out okay. Thanks my dear family.... I love you so very much. Hope your memories are as sweet as mine.

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