Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Rim

The wild flowers are everywhere, and the meadow next to our camp site was tall grass and white flowers. The weather was cool, and some clouds to keep us out of the sun, and we just loved every minute of it. We read, and ate, and read some more. We took 3 walks a day, morning, noon and evening. It felt so good to hike again and not hurt. I actually found I was a little stiff in my bottom and belly! I haven't felt that in years. So I am so grateful my knee is healing so fast and I am able to do so much more. I love the rim country!

We put an awning over the dog pen so they had shade all day too. They chewed on pigs ears, and they each found on elk bone to chew on, so they were happy too. When we went for our walks they were off the leash and ran and romped through the grass and flowers. We have many cute photos of them, but they are the ones that you would might think our dogs are very spoiled, and couldn't we find anything else to take a photo of... and you would be right. We took over a hundred photos of the dogs playing...... I know...... we are sick..... !

We are going to spend more time up there over the next 11 days. Some time I will be alone, and other times Ty, Varce, and more dogs will join me. I have books to make, journaling to catch up, crocheting on baby recieving blankets and crocheting baby blankets, and some reading to do. I won't get bored.... and hike 3 times a day to continue my therapy on my knee. And best of all, I look forward to picking wild berries, and enjoying a monsoon storm to pour down rain, thunder and lightening upon my head! I love, love, love the time on the rim. To go back to nature!

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  1. Pig ears and elk bones? Those dogs must've been in heaven! Just stumbled on your site, but was drawn in by the picture of the wildflower and read this entry. Sounds like you had a great time.


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