Wednesday, August 27, 2008

High School Class reunion

My Junior year picture
Varcel, Senior year picture young, so in love, (so thin).


The girls went golfing, along with all the guys! Tawnya, Margie, Connie and Nancy. We had so much fun! The weather was fabulous and the company was even better.
I felt no pressure, as I hadn't golfed in years, and I just let go of my hang-ups and had fun. (Even when an old boy friend was in the foursome behind us.... I didn't care!) Growing up is so much fun. No inhibition!

So enjoy everyday.... enjoy your experiences, your family, your days will quickly go by, and then you will celebrate YOUR 40th High School Reunion!

Tawnya Webb, Bill Prater, Marsha Marley, Jennifer Young. The 3 of us girls were in Honeybees Drill Team together. Those are the sweetest memories! Bill, Marsha and I lived in Ucon, Idaho. We were in the same ward, same schools growing up....until graduation. We would get off the bus and stop at the little market on the highway. We would buy a RC Cola and pour a package of peanuts into the bottle of pop. (I could only do it about 2 times a month because we were poor).

Oh, I loved high school!! I would go back! And still do everything the same, because I have made the smartest move, and married a wonderful man! I met my husband on the only blind date I have ever been on, and "he had me at hello"! I love you Varce.


  1. Tawnya, you were beautiful in High School! Cool pics from Idaho. Some time when you guys go up you should go and see my parents at their cabin. They love visitors.

  2. Hey! Cool pictures! It was so fun to see you. Lets keep in touch! (jennifer)


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