Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Very Berry August

For many years our family has spent a week or two on the rim and been able to pick the wild berries. Some years, when the rain is sparse we don't have many to pick. Other years when the weather has been good we pick, and pick, and pick. One year, while camping, I had Tyia bring me some pectin, sugar, and pint bottles, and Varce, Ty and I bottled 48 pints of jam. This year happened to be a good year. But we didn't pick like we usually would. We only walked to the bushes, and didn't drive. But each day we got enough berries, in just a few minutes, to make raspberry cobbler for dessert, and some for our cereal in the morning. And I ended up with enough to freeze 10 quarts to bring home to do something fun with at a later date. I know we all ate more than we brought home. Even the dogs would pick the berries off the bushes and eat them. Zoey would spit them out, but Ivy and Ozkar loved them.
I have kept a journal of our times in our RV's for many years. I have memories of Varce shooing away a bear, loosing our dog Bisquit, the children finding a scorpion in the sleeping bags, watching movies, and reading to the children when they were very little. Now they all read, and love to read. We all take a book with us, and we have read and shared many books and stories. I have recorded what we ate, what time I went to bed and when I got up. Many little details of the kids as they were growing. When Kattie ate 4 tacos for the first time. When Oliver built a "fort" using his scouting skills. When Nikki got her first tent for 8th grade graduation, and when Ty would take her good friend Cheryl with us and they brushed their teeth with a cup of water. Oh, the good old days...... I can't help but laugh when I think of the kids.

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