Monday, January 9, 2012

January Means: Clean It Out

Sorry, I have been gone a little bit lately.  I have found a few things that scream for my attention.

#1.  I can't seem to get better at "cleaning out my nose."
I have been sick for 2 weeks.  I feel good for a day and then I over do and then I am sick again for 3 days.  I have not had a voice for days, (DH is missing me, I am sure). I am not really really sick, just kind'a sick.  Like, I have no energy, a stuffy and runny nose, coughing until I think I am going to spew a lung out, incredible thirst, stuffy nose, can't breathe at night, coughing, heaviness in my chest, stuffy nose, runny nose, drippy nose, coughing, etc.  Everyday I manage to take a nap on the sofa.  Then I can't sleep at night.  So, while I am up wiping my runny nose, I play Solitaire on my phone, or Words With Friends, and "Clean Out My Nose".

I won't post any pictures of me during this time.  It isn't pretty.  It isn't pretty at all!

#2.  We "Cleaned Out Our Garage"!
First, I have to tell you that we have incredibly anal neighbors.  The kind who have spotless garages.   They even paint the garage floor.  They have dinners in their garages in the summer time.  Yep, they are totally anal.  They don't have clutter.  They don't have drying onions, camping gear, 34 boxes of Christmas decorations, 6 coolers, some of their children's belongs, 3 mops, 2 brooms, a snow shovel, 6 card table chairs, 2 banquet tables, one picnic table with attached seating, cast iron pots, dog food in a 50 lb. sack, .....well.....I better stop there.  Because, I do have all those things.  But now it is all organized and in see through plastic totes and are labeled!  They are tidy.  They are off the floor.  And DH and I did it when it was 27 degrees outside.  (That could be why I can't seem to get better!)

I won't post any pictures of the garage because I don't have a before or after.

#3.  I have found a new hobby.
Besides sleeping on the sofa and wiping my nose, I have gone to the Internet and have been seeking help with organization.  I need to Clean Out My Hall Closet.  It has table linen, computer stuff, frames, easels, baby toys, vacuum, gifts to give, booster seats, wrapping paper, lots of linen napkins, more table linen, pillow cases, dish towels, and some other stuff in it.  So, I have gone on line and found this wonderful place called PINTEREST.  It is a viral infection sweeping the country.  There is no known cure for this infection.  But, I don't want any of you to be left out and not get it so this is what you have to do..........
You will be asked a question like....."do you need an invite?"  Why they ask that is beyond any common reason I can think of....but you have to be invited.....I know it is dumb.....but do it!  You will be a member of the Pinterest Community before you know it.  Then your life will never again be the same.  You will have a dirty hall closet just like mine.  You will have folders and files galore of wonderful ideas to help you "Clean Out" the hall closet, but you won't get off your buttocks and go do it.... Because you will continue to look at ideas....and then you will check out the blogger who posted the idea, and then that will lead you to learn how to build a vacuum and that will lead you to know how to make your own pottery and then you will sew new upholstery for you boat that you are going to buy with all the money you saved from building vacuums and hair clips and ............... well,

I will just show you some of the things.  Hang on to your seat.  You are going to love the ride!

If you were planning a wedding and need ideas:
Illustrative Pinboard

If you want to redecorate and need some ideas:
Illustrative Pinboard
Pinterest is a virtual pinboard to organize and share the things you love.

You can steal ideas from someone and save it on your own board.

Do want to see a new way to set the table...Really like these dishes, mimicking leaves, on rattan
and will only need 42 sets of dishes to do it.......

Or do you need help in doing your hair?.......fishtail braid updo how-to
Are you getting the idea of what can be found there? 

You can even leave notes for your siblings....I found one today.....From Ty to Kattie
Kattie these are so for you!!!! I love them! The note was below this picture......and Ty is right.

I have a board of can find the best, funniest, inspirational stuff...

Professors who involve students make all the difference I think.Pinned Image I happen to love this!

And then you are going to want to make so much stuff!  The ideas are endless:

beautiful...Baked S'moresBacon, egg, and toast cups. I'm making this for sure.

valentinesCute storage for or trash bags or all those pesky store bags that I reuse for trash bags in the bathrooms.Maharam Letters in Taupe  by Gunnar Aagaard Andersen   #Pillow #Maharam #Typography #Gunnar_Aagaard_Andersen

And you will see some incredible photography!
Incredible I tell you.
Shikhei GohRainbow drink: make colored ice cubes (with KoolAid or juice), stack in tall glasses and pour in sprite! So cute in party theme colors!Bracelets

so..... Now you know where I have been....and you know I have cleaned out the garage, and I still need to clean out the hall closet.....

And then I can Clean Out some files of crafts and recipes I have and will convert myself into a Pinterest girl.

Love, Me

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