Friday, February 18, 2011

Nails, or Poor Nails, or No Nails? That Is The Question.

Last July I started growing out or rather "off" my acrylic nails.  It wasn't all that hard.  But it wasn't all the pretty either. 

That was when I was boxing my belongings and making a trek up north.  I certainly didn't have time to mess with such ferilious things at that time.  I had so much more on my "Where are my car keys?" Or things like  "Has anyone seen my shoes?"  You know what I mean.

I knew where the Christmas boxes were, I knew where my Kitchenaid was.  I knew I had discovered I have two identical wheat grinders, and I knew I didn't know why!

I had realized I was a pack rat, but everything was labled and organized.  Especially my 6 totes of old fabric and wool suit coats.

I am digressing....this is about my nails.

So, my goal was to have my own fingernails, painted and pretty by Christmas.  And they were!  I did it!

Today, however, I looked at my hands for the first time in weeks.  I am shocked, and wonder what happened. 

I have a vague memory of breaking a nail last week.  I remember my daughter saying, "when one breaks they all will."  I think she is psychic.  How did she know?  She predicted it, and it happened.  I think I will call Oprah and tell her about this magic power my daughter has and demand that she be flown to  Chicago and booked to be on The Oprah Show as soon as possible.

My endless nervous picking at them may have something to do with it.  But that would mean taking credibility away from my daughter if I said that, so I know that isn't the reason.

The lack of lotion on my hands, especially the past few days, could be some influence on the state of my nails, but NO, that would mean taking credibility away from my daughters prediction, so that isn't it.

The fact I have lived on fritos and bean dip, with a little cheese and a bottle of water the last few days, would indicate a poor diet.  Diet may have something to do with the breaking and picking of nails on 8 fingers and 2 thumbs.  I will allow that to be a credible possibility, but I am not putting all that reasoning to be a conclusion to this recent condition.

I know you are waiting for a photo of the condition of my incredibly sad fingernails.  Well, it aint gonn'a happen.  I don't have a camera.

Can you imagine...I left home without my camera!  I hope I will have it with me in a day or two.  So, in the meantime, please keep a visual of how incredibly disappointed I am since I broke that first nail last week.

That is all for now.

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  1. Wait what??? YOU don't have a camera???? Wow. that's even more amazing than your nails breaking. :-) Love you!!!


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