Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Magazine Inspiration from Local Bookstore

I recently spent a little time in a local book store.  Barnes and Noble.  It is nationwide I am sure.

It is one of my favorite places on earth.
You can get a hot drink, find a magazine, and get lost, even though you are surrounded by people.

I like to look at the magazines I can't afford to buy.
I like to look at the magazines that have craft ideas of fun things to make.
I like to wish I had a place to put all the fun craft ideas I see.

Here are a few I found in a Stampington Magazine.
I can't remember which one it was, though.
I hope the artists who made this stuff will forgive me for sharing their ideas.

These are so whimsical and fun.
I can see them as Halloween decorations. "Black Crows and Ravens".
Change the colors and you have wedding decorations.  "Love Birds".
Change the rusty wings to lace.....

The ideas are endless.

Then I saw these.....and I cracked up!

If the noses/beaks were shorter, and you alter the shape of the top of the head they could be an Owl.

They could be a bright colored and theme paper and be darling place cards for parties and gatherings.
They Could be seasonal, as well.
How about Valentines?  "Owl always love you!"

My disclaimer for stealing these pictures out of the magazines is:  Go to Barnes and Noble.  Buy a hot drink.  Look for any magazine that is published by Stampington and Co.  Browse until your butt is tired and it is time to go home and fix dinner.  Buying the magazine is highly suggested by this author, but the choice is yours.

Follow your conscience.

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