Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas

Dr. Ronald Shelley, the Sr. partner of
Arrowhead Lakes Dentistry
and my friend.

Arrowhead Lakes Dentistry attended a seminar given by Dr. Paul Homoly. As usual, we were well taught and learned much. The knowledge can be given in the dental world, and also in our personal lives. Here are just a few faces that gave me joy over the weekend. (The sad faces are not shown, as cameras in a casino are frowned upon.....)

The gang that attended.

Dr. Paul Homoly and Dr. Dustin Putnam.
Dr. Homoly joined our office for lunch.

Michele, Carol and Kristina.
What wonderful friends, who will last a life time!

The Dr.s treated us to a dinner at Margaritaville.
Trisha brought a friend from high school.
Carol, Dr. Putnam and Tawnya
We were celebrating September birthdays...
Why isn't Kristina in the picture with us?
Brenda and Tawnya

Dr. Fellner.
He is one of the greatest men I know! What an inspiration!

Dr. Putnam and my buddy Amanda.
Amanda and I assist Dr. Shelley at work.
We make a great team! (did you know she reads minds?)
Dr. Shelley, my boss, my friend, my mentor, and my spiritual inspiration and conscience to do what is right. (Even when I don't want to!)

There are many photos, but these were some highlights for me.
I am sure Dr. Shelley has plenty of "evidence" to blackmail us for the rest of our lives with his photos and video.
Remember Dr. Shelley... I love you, I love you, I love you.... as a boss friend (really Darlene, that is all it is!!!!)

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