Thursday, September 10, 2009

My world is full of squirrels

Last week my clothesline was eaten by a little "beasty". I am sure the nest it lives in is well decorated with soft cotton twine. I was inside the RV to take this photo.

Turn on your sound. The first little "barks" you hear are the squirrel..... Then you can hear Zoey as she patiently sat and watched our camp being attacked. But Zoey didn't go after the squirrel. I was surprised! I kept thinking Cash and Connor would love this!!

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  1. hee hee hee, Sadie was on my lap when we watched the video and she jumped up when she heard your voice... then GROWLED at the squirrel when he "barked"!!! Apparently she was not impressed with Zoey's lack of protecting her Nana! I'm glad you have such fun little forest critters to keep you entertained (or harrassed?) up there. ;) i love you!


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