Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Volleyball Princess and her brother

V and I enjoyed attending one of Madison's volleyball games.
It is amazing how the smell of a gym is the same no matter where you are, or if you are in a new school or an old one.
And the athletes smell the same too.
The opposing team is in the background. They shudder and hide their faces every time Madison got to hit the ball. Her serves gave her team the win!

Madison's biggest fan is her brother, Jack.
Stay tuned for more entertainment from Jack.

Isn't she so innocent and beautiful!! Oh, I love her!
Madi gives her ALL for the team!

While the teams were in a huddle, Jack performed "the worm" for us.

Isn't this the cutest bottom you have ever seen (or pinched?).
The Killer Serve!
I love you sweet grandkids!

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