Friday, July 17, 2009

Hilights from Idaho Vacation/Reunion

Kayden and I share the same birth day
Kattie, Alaina and Rich

My brothers Kelly and Jeff, my father, me, Mom and sister Vicki.
Liz had already gone to bed and missed the dinner around the fire.
(I had floated down the Hoeback River earlier, hense the hair....)
Sunset around the fire in the "back yard" of the cabin

Dad, me, mom

Captain Jeremy and Chris

Devon, Hydee, Mom, Vicki, Madison, Alaina, and Moose (Kelly's dog)

Jesse and Oliver. On our way home from Sawtelle Mt. They gathered "special" wood.
Don't tell the forest rangers!

Post Hail Storm on top of Sawtelle
Hail Storm at weather station on Sawtelle Mt. We could see for hundreds of miles, even to the Teton Mts. What a sight! And what a road to drive on to get to the top.
Now I know why my father refuses to go up that far!
Jack and Varce looking at the rainbow trout at Big Springs
Devon, our college student. His vocabulary is educated as well.
Tawnya, Jess, Ashley and moms red hair.
We were beading watches! What fun.
background my brother Jeff
Rich, Kattie, Nikki
We were watching the video Lois had made for Chandler.
Chandler left the following day for the MTC and Jacksonville, Fl.
Holly, Kaidance, and Tawnya.
Liz was suppose to teach this, and she bailed out and went to bed, so
I taught all the girls how to crochet scrubbies out of tulle.
Some worked out great, others were thimbles of tulle, and others, well...
it is best if I don't describe those.
Kaitlyn. Eating is such a joy for her!
Kaidance, post finger cut/gash! What a brave little girl.
And I love the angel kisses on her cheeks:)
Holly, Dallin and Canyon
Dutch oven cookers..and watchers. Jeff, Jared, Varcel and Papa.
Liz and Nikki cutting yards and yards of tulle to crochet.
UMMM, Liz, trying to find the end to start rolling it into balls. Grams made a choo choo train with the little ones on the deck.
Kaidance, Sheridan, Savannah, Hadley, and Oakley
Chris, having fun, while Hydee tried to have a baby.
Chris and Oliver
Heather and Jessica
Papa and Grams
Jesse and our beautiful 14 year old Madison
Oliver and Alaina

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