Saturday, March 7, 2009

Madison and her lovely smile

After going a year with no jerky, no gum, and lots of other "no's" Madison finally got to eat whatever she wanted to last week. Her Orthodontist even supplied her with a "Congratulations" bag of the "no's" to help her celebrate. It was full of sticky, chewy, sugary things! And what they didn't give her, her faithful and thoughtful mom supplied the rest. A quick trip to Sam's Club to get Madison her favorite treat.

Dr. Feldman also included some very thoughtful things besides just "goodies". Such as a thank you card for Madi to write in, and they mailed it to her parents. It expressed her thanks to her parents for sacrificing all that they had in money and time and support in giving her such a beautiful smile. What a touch of class from Dr. Feldmans's office!

And isn't Madison and her beautiful smile worth every bit of it! Yes! Yes! Yes!

I love love love you Madi!

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